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Trade Receiver Free MT5

Trade Receiver Free is a free tool to receive copy trades/signals from other traders at different locations over internet, who use Trade Copier Pro to send. Provider must give you a free license in his list first. That means you can use this free tool to copy trades/signals from a provider, who accept to give you a free license.

This tool has all receiving features of Trade Copier Pro. Receiver can manage provider list with powered build-in database managing system.

Reference: If you need both sending and receiving features, please check Trade Copier Pro at: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/5531.

Note: Trade Receiver Free only receives trades/signals from Trade Copier Pro full version. It does not work with Trade Copier Pro Demo.

Followings are highlight features:

  • Allows to receive trade/signal from multiple providers.
  • Manage provider list via powered database managing system without additional tool (add, remove, edit, enable/disable).
  • Monitor provider's status (online/offline, add/remove your account).
  • Switchable between Global mode (copy over internet) and Local mode (copy within the same PC/Server).
  • Switchable between Trade protocol (copy trades) and Signal protocol (send/receive signal alert only), but provider's choice is priority.
  • Protect receiver from slippage, outdated orders and over lotsize.
  • Allow trade manually or use other EAs without any conflict.
  • Auto recognize and synchronize symbol prefix/suffix between brokers.
  • Allows up to 5 special symbols setup (i.e.: GOLD --> XAUUSD, etc.,) to synchronize with provider.
  • Multiple lot size setting options.
  • Allows to filter which type of orders will be copied.
  • Allows inverted copying.
  • Auto send mobile notification and email when account has new activities.
  • Restore previous settings and status after terminal turn-off or power shutdown.
  • Real-time control panel.
  • Easy usage and friendly interface.


  • Install Trade Receiver Free to any chart.
  • At the first time, it may require you to add "http://copy.autofxpro.com" URL to MT5's trusted URL list in order to let the tool access the internet connection.
  • Contact to your provider and ask him to give you a free license to copy from him.
  • Then, go to "Provider List" and add provider's account number that you want to copy trade from. Please make sure that your provider has been connected and added your account number to his/her list already.
  • Go back to main control panel and turn status to Enable.

Settings and Parameters:

Similar to Trade Copier Pro, but except that it does not have provider's features (check Trade Copier Pro for details).
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2017.07.21 14:56 

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2014.10.14 13:47 

Now I can copy signal from my provider for free. Great system!!!

Version 4.23 - 2016.07.18
- Improved: Auto recognize the difference of metal symbols between brokers (XAUUSD <-> GOLD, XAGUSD <-> SILVER).
Version 4.21 - 2016.06.29
- Added: User can edit the provider list by .csv file outside of MT4.
- Improved: Auto calculate lotsize scale if provider's account currency is different from receiver's account currency.
- Improved: Can connect to all other versions of my copier.
- Added: Allow receive local copy.
- Added: Scale factor for "Provider risk scaling" lotsize option, allow receiver to scale the risk of provider.
- Removed: "Trade Timeout" is removed. Orders will be copied at anytime as long as it has the same or better price of source's order.
Version 4.20 - 2016.02.18
- Fixed: Save provider's special symbol after restarting the EA.
Version 4.19 - 2015.12.01
- Fixed minor bugs.
Version 4.18 - 2015.10.16
- Improved: Add more detailed message to warn the user if connect to copier full version.
Version 4.17 - 2015.09.04
- Improved: Notify user about copy server URL if it has not been added.
Version 4.15 - 2015.05.12
- Improved: Only show trading symbol in Market Watch if necessary.
Version 4.14 - 2015.04.29
- Fixed: Conflict if maximum allowed order amounts between provider and receiver are different.
Version 4.13 - 2015.04.10
- Improved: Better error report.
Version 4.12 - 2015.03.27
- Improved: Better recognition position close with different deviations and filling types.
Version 4.11 - 2015.03.11
- Fixed: Minor bug in printing provider list.
Version 4.1 - 2015.03.06
- Fixed: Minor bug about adding a new provider.
Version 3.99 - 2015.03.03
- Fixed: Removed untradeable symbols in Market Watch with some brokers (like Exness).
- Improved: A receiver is able to set different options for each providers group by loading the copier on different charts.
- Improved: Adapt to order comments from the new version of copiers.

- All existing copied orders need to be closed before updating this version.
- Trade Receiver and Copier must be of the same version.
Version 3.96 - 2015.02.13
- Improved: Slightly faster data transfer.
- Added: Notification if Internet connection is lost.
Version 3.8 - 2015.02.02
- Fixed occasional duplicated position opening (sometimes, MT5 platform is late in recognizing a new position).
Version 3.7 - 2015.01.27
- Improved: More attempts to open/close positions if requoted in MT5.
Version 3.6 - 2015.01.21
- Reduced memory consumption.
Version 3.5 - 2015.01.16
- Fixed: Expert Advisor's status message correction.
- Fixed: Eliminate potential zero divides.
Version 3.4 - 2015.01.14
- Fixed: Server address correction.
Version 3.3 - 2015.01.08
- Added: Alert when logging in with an investor account as a receiver.
Version 3.2 - 2015.01.06
- Added: Copy filter options for a receiver.
- Added: Backup servers input.
- Changes: Switched server to copy.autofxpro.com.
Version 3.1 - 2014.12.24
- Fixed: Minor bugs
Version 3.0 - 2014.12.22
- Fixed: Better order/position management for MetaTrader 5.
- Added: Balance ratio option for lotsize.
Version 2.6 - 2014.11.21
- Improved: Faster copying speed.
- Fixed: Incorrect lotsize add-up in some cases.
Version 2.5 - 2014.11.18
- Improved: More stable for data transferring.
Note: Please make sure that there is no copied order processing before upgrade.
Version 2.4 - 2014.11.14
Increased the number of decimal points in lotsize multiply factor.
Version 2.2 - 2014.10.02
- Improved: More compatible with various MT5's order filling policy.
- Fixed: Minor bugs about symbol recognition (reported from users).