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Binary Options Copier Remote

Binary Options Copier Remote is an EA that allows to copy binary options trades between MT4 accounts at different computers. This is an ideal solution for signal provider, who want to share his trade with the others globally on his own rules.

Provider can give free bonus license to 10 receivers. That means those 10 receivers can copy from provider by using Binary Options Receiver Free (no cost). From 11th one, receiver have to buy Binary Options Receiver Pro (paid version) in order to copy from the provider. This is for provider attracting more receivers to his trades/signals.

You can choose between Remote mode (different computers over internet) and Local mode (within the same computer).

Demo: Demo version for testing can be downloaded at: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/10048



  • Switch between Provider or Receiver role within one tool.
  • Switch between Remote mode (between different computers) or Local mode (in the same computer).
  • Switch between Trade protocol (copy trades) or Alert protocol (send/receive signal alert only).
  • Support multi-providers & multi-receiver by advanced manage list.
  • Each account can act as both Provider and Receiver, so accounts can copy to each other in 2 ways transmission. This is like a trade sharing network.
  • Receiver's account can still trade manually or use other EAs without any conflict.
  • Auto recognize and synchronize binary options symbols between brokers.
  • Allows special symbols setup (i.e.: EURUSDbo--> EURUSDbi, etc.,).
  • Multi lot size setting options.
  • Allows to filter which type of orders will be copied.
  • Allows inverted copying.
  • Auto send mobile notification and email to receiver when account has new activities.
  • Restore previous settings and status after terminal turn-off or power shutdown.
  • Real-time control panel.
  • Easy usage and friendly interface.


  • At the first time, you must add "http://copy.autofxpro.com" URL to MT4's trusted URL list in order to let the copier access the internet connection.
  • Install the copier to any chart of Provider's MetaTrader 4 terminal, choose the role as "Provider", then go to "Receiver List" and add receiver account number that you want to copy trade to. Only account numbers that enabled in your list have the right to receive trades from you.
  • Go back to main control panel and turn status to Enable.
  • Install the tool to Receiver's MT4 terminal with the same procedures.

ettings and Parameters

  • Choose your role: Choose your role for the current account. It can be either Provider (copy source) or Receiver (copy destination).
  • Provider List: Manage providers that you want to copy trades from.
  • Global/Local mode: Choose between Global mode and Local mode. Global mode allows to copy between accounts at different locations over internet. Local mode only allows to copy between accounts on the same PC/Server.
  • Transmission data: Choose how data will be sent/received. It can be either "Trade" (receiver's account trades follow the provider's) or "Alert" (receiver's account only receives signal alert). Provider's choice is priority: If provider choose "Trade", then receiver can receive trade or signal due to his choice; If provider choose "Alert", then receiver can only receive signal despite of his choice.
  • Max. slippage: Maximum accepted slippage to copy trades. Price might be different between brokers, so if the current price of the receiver's account exceed max. slippage distance compared to entry price of provider's account, the trade will not be copied. This is useful to prevent unwanted slippage of copied trades, specially during high volatility (news releases).
  • Open trade timeout: Maximum waiting time that trades can be still copied from provider to receiver. If this trade timeout is exceeded from provider's trade open time, trade will not be copied. This is useful to prevent copying outdated trades if receiver's account/terminal is shutdown for a while. For example: Trade timeout is 60 seconds means if receiver's is disconnected while provider open an order, then receiver's terminal connect again within 60s and order will be copied, but if it's later than 60s the order will be ignored.
  • Set lotsize by: Choose how the trade volume on receiver's account will be set. There are 4 options:
    • Fixed lotsize: Every trades on receiver's account will be set with a fixed lotsize regardless of provider's lotsize or receiver's balance.
    • Scaled with provider's balance: Receiver's lotsize will be scaled with Provider's base on their balance. Example: Provider trades 0.5 lot with 1000$ --> Receiver with 2000$ will trade 1.0 lot.
    • Multiply with provider's volume: Receiver's lotsize will be multiplied by a factor with Provider's lotsize.
    • Ratio with receiver's balance: Receiver's lotsize will be calculated based on a ratio factor of its own account balance. For example: Set 0.1 lot for each 1000$ balance, then it will trade 0.2 lot for 2000$ balance, 0.05 lot with 500$ balance.
  • Max. lotsize: Maximum allowed lotsize to open trade. This will prevent your account from open unanticipated over lotsize that may lead to unwanted drawdown.
  • Order filter: Select which types of orders will be copied. Filter is for both provider and receiver, but provider's choice is priority. There are multi-options:
    • CALL orders: CALL orders will be copied.
    • PUT orders: PUT orders will be copied.
    • Custom pair: Only trade of custom pair will be sent/received (combine with order types above).
    • Inverted copy: All filtered trades will be inverted when come to/from receiver/provider: CALL<-->PUT.
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Version 1.38 2018.10.15
- Fixed: Minor bugs.
Version 1.37 2018.10.04
- Improved: Better copied orders management.
Version 1.36 2018.09.08
- Fixed: Minor bugs.
Version 1.35 2018.08.28
- Fixed: Minor bugs.
Version 1.34 2018.08.25
- Fixed: Minor bugs.
Version 1.33 2018.08.24
- Fixed: "Can not set millisecond timer" error fixed.
Version 1.32 2018.08.07
- Improved: Increase remote data reading speed.
Version 1.31 2017.04.19
- Fixed: Correct symbols matching when a broker has more than one symbols of the same pair.
Version 1.30 2017.02.06
- Added: User-defined prefix & suffix for binary symbols.
- Added: User-defined amount of currencies per lotsize (for binary). From this version now on, the trade's volume is based on currency units, instead of lot size as previous versions.
Version 1.29 2016.12.13
- Improved: More stable connection between provider and receiver.
Version 1.28 2016.12.01
- Improved: Allows multiple comments filter by putting comments into quote mark. E.g: "Comment 1","Comment 2", "Comment 3"...
- Improved: Allows multiple magic numbers filter by separated semicolon. E.g: 123;456;789;
Version 1.27 2016.11.08
- Improved: Allows negative slippage value (better copied entry).
- Improved: Allows excluded custom pairs by adding exclamation (!) before the pair symbol. E.g: !EURUSD, !USDJPY, ...
Version 1.26 2016.10.14
- Added: Notification about adding the URL of copy server at provider.
Version 1.25 2016.07.18
- Improved: Auto recognize the difference of metal symbols between brokers (XAUUSD <-> GOLD, XAGUSD <-> SILVER).
Version 1.22 2016.06.28
- Improved: Auto recognize and match if metal instruments (e.g: XAUUSD, GOLD, XAGUSD, SILVER) between brokers are different.
Version 1.21 2016.06.23
- Added: Scale factor for "Provider risk scaling" lot size option allowing a receiver to scale the risk of a provider.
Version 1.20 2016.05.31
- Added: Provider can set subscription expiry for each receiver.
- Added: User can edit the provider/receiver list by .csv file outside of MT4.
- Added: Copy to remote receivers and local receivers at the same time.
- Improved: Auto calculate lotsize scale if provider's account currency is different from receiver's account currency.
- Improved: Can concect to all other versions of my binary copier.
Version 1.19 2016.02.04
- Fixed: No delay when copying Sell orders.
Version 1.18 2016.01.29
- Fixed: Minor bugs.
Version 1.17 2016.01.27
- Fixed: Minor bug when provider open multiple trades at the same time at few special brokers.
Version 1.16 2016.01.22
- Added: Compatible with Grand Capital broker live account.
Version 1.15 2016.01.18
- Fixed: Avoided error "FileWrite Failed".
Version 1.14 2015.12.01
- Fixed minor bugs.
Version 1.13 2015.09.11
- Improved: Support more binary options brokers.
Version 1.12 2015.09.04
- Added: Support more MT4 binary options brokers.