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My Money Manager

My Money Manager like a risk controller, which places your trades with the exact volume that meets your desired stop loss risk.

It can also help you to preview your EP/SL/TP levels before placing an order by dragging these levels directly on a chart, and keep reporting about them during the position opening.

With this tool, you will feel more comfortable when deciding to open orders, as well as forecasting your profit/loss with your orders. Placing orders is a very precise and professional work now.

This tool is the money manager part that split from Auto Trade Driver: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/4217

Note: Demo version for testing can be found here: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/5400

Highlight Features

  • Calculate exactly the volume that meets your desired stop loss risk (% of balance), including the commission fee charged by a broker.
  • Allow drag-and-drop EP/SL/TP level directly on chart to preview before placing orders.
  • Provide one-click-trading for all types of orders.
  • Keep reporting about estimated SL/TP levels when an order is opening.
  • Real-time control panel.
  • Restore previous settings after shutdown or power-off.

Setting Parameters

  • Commission Setting (Menu): Set how your broker charges commission per lot traded. This factor is important to calculate the required volume that meets your stop loss risk.
    • Commission Type: This is how your broker charges commission. It is "Account currency" if commission is charged on account currency unit, and "Base currency" if commission is charged on base currency of a trading pair.
    • Commission Per Lot: The amount of currency units charged as commission for a round turn standard lot. If your broker/account type does not charge commission, just leave this value as zero.
  • Stoploss Risk: The risk percentage that you accept to lose if stop loss occurs.
  • Est. Loss+Commission: The total loss you will incur at stop loss point. This total loss amount includes order's loss and order's commission.
  • Order Type: Choose the order type that you want to take place.
  • Order Comment: Note for your order as regular MT4 order's comment.
  • Magic Number: You can enter a custom magic number to identify your order for further use.
  • Set SL/TP By: Choose how to set Stop loss/Take profit point. It is "Price" if you want to set SL/TP by a certain price value, "Distance" if you want to set them by a distance from the entry point.
  • Adjustment Step: Increase/Decrease space of the price adjustment when using Increase/Decrease arrow button.
  • Stoploss/Takeprofit/Distance: Value to determine the Stop loss/Take profit point. Setting Stop loss point is mandatory to calculate appropriate volume (you may remove Stop loss later if you want, but need to enter a value to calculate volume and place order). Leave Take profit as zero means setting an order without take profit.
  • Order Dragging feature: When you are setting EP/SL/TP on the control panel, you will also see that there are horizontal lines with corresponding levels on the chart. You can select those lines and drag them to adjust order EP/SL/TP. Due to these levels, order type will be auto selected.
nguyen the toan
nguyen the toan 2019.03.22 15:56   

good product.

msfxe 2017.08.11 11:23 

Amazing script, well worth the price tag. Have always looked for a simple terminal that would allow me to place my trades based off risk %, pips, include commissions, risk-to-reward, balance, etc. Recommend this to anyone who wants to increase their money management skills and efficiency as a trader.

Brian Smith
Brian Smith 2017.01.16 01:59 

Amazing product. This actually helps me gauge my total risk return prior to executing a trade. This way If I choose to not use a S/L in my trade signals I can know exactly what the drawdown risk will be.

Tobias Domeier
Tobias Domeier 2017.01.10 05:48 


Douglas Quinton
Douglas Quinton 2015.11.19 18:54 

Absolutely fantastic, have been using over the past few days with GREAT SUCCESS ! Fast, quick entries giving all the information needed including the beautiful RR ! Also able to prepare in advance of potential trade, keeping an eye on RR etc....BRILLIANT !

A REQUEST / SUGGESTION FOR NEXT VERSION : Please have Option for 2 TPs. TP1 X% of trade, TP2 X% of trade. Only use TP2 if user selects and completes. THIS WOULD BE SOOO AWESOME !!!

Alexey Levashov
Alexey Levashov 2014.12.09 12:03 

Отличный EA!!! Большое спасибо разработчикам.Давно искал подобного эксперта.Очень актуален при открытии позиции по маркету,когда стоплосс уже известен а цена еще двигается.Размер позиции пересчитывается очень быстро.Рекомендую тем,кто серьезно подходит к своему манименеджменту и статистике.

gcgipson 2014.09.27 15:12 

This utility is simply brilliant! The genius is in how clean, simple and readily available the panel is. The auto lot calculation (based on risk percentage) and setting TP and SL by pip distance, turns the process of processing orders into a cake walk. Great job, this is a tremendous value!

Version 1.73 2019.08.26
- Changed: Keep previous parameters after placing orders.
Version 1.72 2019.01.23
- Changed: Remove default order comment (AutoFxPro.com)
Version 1.71 2018.08.06
- Improved: Allow open multi-positions if calculated lot size is bigger than maximum lot size.
Version 1.70 2017.03.10
- Improved: Optimize the calculating functions.
Version 1.69 2016.07.20
- Fixed: Show correct information for Buy Stop/Limit order on the chart.
Version 1.68 2016.06.13
- Improved: OnChartEvent() function is adaptable with MT4 version 4.00 build 971 (7 Jun 2016).
Version 1.67 2016.01.20
- Fixed: Invalid trading volume if lotsize step was larger than 0.01.
Version 1.66 2016.01.08
- Fixed: Correct calculation for account with exotic balance currency.
Version 1.65 2015.09.30
- Fixed: Fixed eternal loop if click Buy/Sell when AutoTrading is disable.
Version 1.64 2015.09.16
- Fixed: No freeze and looping alert anymore when clicking Buy/Sell at closed market.
Version 1.63 2015.05.08
- Improved: Increase lotsize calculating for exotic pairs.
- Improved: Only show trading symbol in Market Watch if necessary.
Version 1.62 2015.04.29
- Added: Risk/Reward Ratio adjustment.
- Improved: Support for exotic currency account.
- Improved: Support for CFD, Indexes instruments.
Version 1.60 2015.04.09
- Improved: Retrying to open orders/positions until success.
Version 1.59 2015.03.27
- Fixed: Agressive alert informing AutoTrading feature.
Version 1.58 2015.02.03
- Fixed: Force to display all graphic objects to the front of the chart. They could be hidden at few low RAM computers with previous version.
Version 1.57 2015.01.16
- Fixed: Expert Advisor's status message correction.
- Fixed: Eliminate potential zero divides.
Version 1.56 2015.01.06
- Fixed: Correct TP point adjustment after placing order in some cases.
Version 1.40 2014.12.03
- Fixed: Mistaken TP point with zero value.
Version 1.35 2014.10.30
Improved: Better adjustment in fast moving market
Version 1.30 2014.10.21
- Improved: Update SL & TP according to actual EP for market order.
Version 1.25 2014.09.02
Fixed minor bugs.