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BeST Breakout Strategy

BeST_Breakout Strategy is a Metatrader Indicator based on a proprietary algorithm implementing a very powerful tool that can generate amazing big profits as it exploits every breakout leading to huge market movements.
It timely locates the most likely points for Entering the Market as well as the most suitable Exit points and can be used successfully as a standalone Trading System which often results in huge profits accompanied by very impressive statistics like Success Ratio and Profit Factor

The BeST_Breakout Strategy is a non-repainting and non-backpainting Indicator while using it you can get:

  • Definite Entry and Exit Signals 
  • 3 different Exit strategies to select
  • Draw of the corresponding Breakout Level
  • A Real Time Updated Info and Statistics Panel 
  • All the Metatrader Alerts for the bars of Entry and Exit Signals (optionally)
  • Fully customizable colors, sizes and distances of all the chart objects

For the best possible utilization of the product we must keep in mind the following:

We are interested that the immediate next 1-2 trades will have a high possibility to be winners and therefore in order to get the most out of the statistical data of the INFO-PANEL we have to look at  the statistics resulting from a rather small time period before the current time-bar.So before using the product we must low the MT4 parameter value of  Max bars in chart.

We can do it this way:

  • Go to  Tools --> Options --> Max bars in chart  and put:  Max bars in chart = 2000-3000.
  • Then after we close and restart MT4 we can use the product with a higher probability of making profitable trades.

But in every case you can easily find many winning sets of parameters for any Symbol and Timeframe.


Basic Settings

  • LB_Period – LB Period for calculating Breakout Levels 
  • Entries Smoothing Factor – for calculating Breakouts’ frequency 
  • Select the Exits Mode  – for selecting the preferable Exits Mode out of 
    • Reverse Mode – Exit by Reversing the trade at the opposite Entry Signal
    • Fast & Slow MAs Crossings – Exit when the 2 Mov.Averages intersect
    • TP & SL Levels – Exit using the selected TP and SL values in pips

After selecting the Exits Mode we can select the corresponding Exit features:

  • TP in pips (if Exits_Option = TP_SL_Levels)
  • SL in pips (if Exits_Option = TP_SL_Levels)
  • Fast Exit MA  Period / Method and Price  (if Exits_Option MAsCrossing_Mode)
  • Slow Exit MA  Period / Method and Price (if Exits_Option = MAsCrossing_Mode)

Displaying Settings - for selecting which chart objects and features to show/activate and for selecting the color, size and distances of drawn objects

Graphical Settings - for selecting the color, size and distances of drawn objects 

Arrows Settings – for  controlling  Entry/Exit  arrows’ features

Alert Settings - for controlling the use of Entry and Exit points MT4 alerts

For EA Developers

  • Buy Arrows:    Buffer = 20
  • Sell Arrows:    Buffer = 21
  • Exit Signals:    Buffer = 22

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