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SFO Trend Racer

SFO Trend Racer system is a trend indicator created by the CEO and Founder of "Simple Forex Options", Tevin Marshall. It serves 6 different functions all in one. It shows the trader the entry signals as well as exit signals, whether it is a take profit or a stop loss. It also uses trend filters and signal confirmations so that the trader is able to make the most logically fit decision. Trend Racer uses various filters and specific settings from a plethora of indicators. The beauty in this indicator is that it is self correcting. If the markets behave differently than the signal reading, there are safety precautions set into place to keep the trader from losing as much money as possible and in return getting in on the best suitable direction. This indicator aims to get the trader in on a trend as early as possible and also allow them to ride it out to its maximum capacity. I have built in rules and recommended filters below so that the trader trades with ease and full comprehension of what the markets are aiming to do.

  • Blue Arrow: Buy Signal
  • Red Arrow: Sell Signal
  • Aqua Arrow: Buy Pullback Trend Continuation
  • Orange Arrow: Sell Pullback Trend Continuation
  • Aqua Line: Buy Confirmation
  • Orange Line: Sell Confirmation
  • Blue Check: Consider profit on buy position
  • Red Check: Consider profit on sell position
  • Blue X: Consider exit on buy position
  • Red X: Consider exit on sell position
  • Blue Support: Critical reversal buy area
  • Red Support: Critical reversal sell area

Rules: You can either exit position when the corresponding color of a "X" or a "Check" pops up. Or you can exit your position when the opposite colored confirmation line or arrow appears. "X" is primarily for stop losses and "Checks" is primarily for Take profits.

Strong Confirmations:

  1. If price bounces off of a support or a resistance and Shows the matching arrow color of that Support and resistance.
  2. Seeing two areas straddling one of the opposite color, i.e Red arrow in between two Blue arrows. The latest Blue arrow is confirmation of the beginning of a strong uptrend and vice versa Red arrows and downtrends.
  3. Aqua Line + Blue Arrow
  4. Orange line + Red Arrow
  5. Blue Take Profit "check mark" on or near resistance
  6. Red Take Profit "check mark" on or near support
  7. Blue Stop Loss "X" near support
  8. Red Stop Loss "X" near resistance
  9. Red "check mark" or "X" before Blue Arrow
  10. Blue "check mark" or "X" before Red Arrow
  11. Aqua Arrow after bounce off of support and Orange Arrow after bounce off resistance
  12. When Trend breaks pass previous low or high(Making 123 formation or breakout formation)
  13. If Trend direction matches higher time-frame. i.e if H4 gives a Blue Arrow and D1 has Aqua Confirmation line
  14. ONLY trade trending pairs. Look at chart and use Orange or Aqua confirmation lines to determine if a pair is trendy or volatile. A trendy pair will look very smooth and lazy. A volatile pair will look very scratchy and noisy.

Indicator Parameters

  • Send_Email: True or False
  • Audible_Alerts: True or False
  • Push_Notifications: True or False

*I recommend using this indicator on the H4 and D1 timeframes. Best pairs to trade with this are smooth trending pairs.

Disclaimer: This should be used wisely and to aid your own personal trading system. This system does not promise any profits or win percentages. Use wisely at your own risk. Take profits and stop losses are recommendations up to your own discretion. Enjoy

KDInvestments 2018.04.30 22:24 

I've been using Trend Racer for two weeks now and it has been an excellent indicator that works very well at giving entry and exit signals for trades.

I have been using it in one of my live accounts and my success with having winning trades regardless of the market direction has been positive thus far.

I would highly recommend this indicator.

Version 2.0 2018.07.23
-Added in trend pull back continuation arrows.
-Tighter stops loss considerations
-Parameters altered for entry signals
-Different parameters for trend confirmation lines