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Scalping monster

Scalping monster - ready trading system in the form of an indicator. Scalping monster is designed for the Metatrader4 platform. When placed on a forex chart, the indicator automatically analyzes the market using an adaptation algorithm and displays the signals to the trader in the form of red and blue dots. The indicator also shows in the upper right corner information about potential profit / loss.

How to trade using Scalping monster:

  • when the blue dot appears on the chart, we open a buy order. Close the order when a red dot appears.
  • when a red dot appears on the chart, we open a sell order. Close the order when the blue dot appears.

Important recommendations:

  • Do not open an order before the release of important news.
  • open order immediately after the point appears. It is not necessary to open an order in the middle of the cycle.

Advantages of Scalping monster:

  • It works on all currency pairs.
  • Don't redraw your signals.
  • shows the trader points to open and close orders.
  • is a complete trading system.
  • sends push and email notifications.

How to set up this indicator:

Open the indicator settings and find the "spread" parameter. Indicate there the value of the current spread for this currency pair where you want to test it. Next, add the indicator to the chart of the currency pair and look at the forecast profit / loss in the upper right corner. If the indicator predicts more than 1000 points of profit, you can start trading. Thus, by placing the indicator on charts of different currency pairs and timeframes, look for those where the indicator will forecast profits.

Indicator settings:

  • spread - your broker's spread for the current currency pair.
  • period - indicator period.
  • averaging_period - averaged indicator period.
  • shift - shift of the starting point of the calculation, relative to the price.
  • bars - the number of bars at which the indicator will work.
  • thickness_of_thick_line - thickness of the thick line of the indicator.
  • thin_line_thickness - thin line thickness of the indicator.
  • Signal - sending push and email notification of signals.

Friends, after buying or renting this indicator, write to us in a personal message and we will give you for free another our indicator which in the Market costs $ 147

323323 2019.08.19 02:02 

Works well on higher time frames. I have made a profit with it. Only wish there was an EA I could connect with this indicator. Thanks.

Waseemirshad 2019.08.12 14:21   

On very first day i was skeptical about it and i told author that it repaints and total pips figure is inaccurate so i want my money back. He gave me a harsh reply and called me a "crook". but the real crook on mql5 is this author. I even made an expert adviser for it but no use. Due to his unprofessional language and bad product i totally recommend "not to buy" any of his product else he will also call you a thug or crook.

Саша Синков
Саша Синков 2019.06.13 20:31 

Индикатор отличный! Благодарность автору

BenjaminTaylor 2019.05.20 12:17 

Great indicator on higher time frames. I've now got several indicators of this type and this one is the best one so far.

Author sends you another 2 so you get 3 confirmations which is a complete system.

Davis Hernandez
Davis Hernandez 2019.04.26 05:08 

Excellent support team, fast and helpful!

About the indicator, it works, it makes easier to identify when to start a buy or sell, I'm using it as my main indicator plus other methods to double confirm.

Its easy to understand and to use and the fact that developer is updating it as user reports bugs or enhances its a plus!

sebastian.ntf 2019.04.25 13:12 

Good movements on 15-30 minute chart, so far a good product had some nice results with it, of course you must add some trend filtering.

lrimondi 2019.04.23 07:00 

Useless product on shorter timeframes, unreliable product on higher timeframes because the potential profit is calculated not from the signal, but from the bar opening (or bar closing, it doesn't change a thing because it lacks accuracy). The potential profit should be calculated from opening signal to closing signal in order to be reliable. A potential profit of thousands points might easily be a loss in real trading. It is a true disappointment.

Version 14.0 2019.10.29
Fixed errors in calculating the potential profit / loss.
Version 13.0 2019.06.28
1. Fixed work algorithm
2. Configured the work of sending signals to the phone and email.
Version 12.0 2019.04.29
According to customer requirements, the profit calculation algorithm was changed.
Version 11.0 2019.04.23
Fixed algorithm and counting.
Version 10.0 2019.04.23
Algorithm fixed
Version 9.0 2019.04.23
Fixed algorithm for calculating profits and signals. Considered the wishes and comments of customers.
Version 8.0 2019.04.12
We were contacted by the user Axel Lindenmann on 12/04/2019 with the remark that the indicator does not correctly calculate profit / loss. Check confirmed this information. Programmers quickly fixed this error. In version 8, we fixed an error in the calculation of profit / loss which is displayed in the right corner of the chart.
Version 7.0 2019.04.10
Fixed accounting of the spread when calculating the profit.
Version 6.0 2019.04.09
Fixed profit counting algorithm.
Version 5.0 2019.04.02
Fixed zero bar algorithm.
Version 4.0 2019.04.01
1. Added alert.
2. Changed the algorithm for calculating profits. Now the compensation function works. Profit is calculated from the closing of the initial bar to the opening of the final one.
Version 3.0 2019.03.23
Improved algorithm for finding pivot points.
Version 2.0 2019.03.22
Fixed counting and adaptation algorithm.