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Forex Gump Scalping

Forex Gump Scalping is a new indicator in the ForexGump series, designed using a brand-new algorithm for calculating the price direction. This indicator uses an algorithm developed by our traders to predict the further movement of the price and get ahead of the market to provide a buy or sell signal. This indicator has been developed directly for intraday scalping technique. Thus, the most efficient results of the indicator are observed on the timeframes: M1, M5, M15, M30 and H1.

How Forex Gump Scalping works

Have you ever played Ping Pong? In that game, the ball keeps bouncing off the racket and swiftly moves in the opposite direction towards the opponent's racket. A similar situation takes place in the market. There are certain price levels where the price starts moving in the opposite direction, usually with a very high probability (often above 95%). Such levels are not advertised, the algorithms for their calculation remain hidden from the common masses of traders. Without going into the technical details, the Forex Gump Scalping indicator uses a certain mathematical algorithm to calculate these levels and works proactively when approaching them, trying to generate a signal the moment the price reverses, and sometimes a little earlier. As it was mention before, this operation algorithm makes the indicator well suited for intraday scalping. It gives the trader the opportunity to anticipate the price movement for a moment and to act ahead.

Advantages of Forex Gump Scalping

  • no signal repainting.
  • works on all currency pairs
  • suitable for intraday scalping.

Forex Gump Scalping parameters

  • period_forexgump - indicator operation period.
  • fast_average_period - fast MA period.
  • slow_average_period - slow MA period.
  • signal_line_period - signal MA period.
  • smoothing_period - averaging period.
  • shift_of_the_averaging_line - shift of the indicator calculation relative to the zero bar.
  • history - the number of bars to display the indicator. The maximum value is 5000. The minimum value is 200.
  • thickness_of_thick_line - width of the thick line.
  • thin_line_thickness - width of the thin line.
  • Signal - send signals as email and push notifications.
When a buy or sell signal appears, the EA sends email and push notifications.
fx365 2018.11.15 03:40 

Very happy. I've been using it for several weeks with great success.

Thank You

siking4032 2018.07.18 07:18 

Indicador muito bom e preciso.