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The Medok indicator shows the market entry and exit points on the chart using arrows and resistance lines.

The indicator is very easy to use. Buy when a blue arrow appears and sell when a red arrow appears. After an order is opened, it is recommended to close a buy position when the price reaches the lower resistance level or to close a sell position when the price reaches the upper resistance level.

Recommended values for EURUSD H1

  • Periods - 2;
  • Acceleration - 0.02.

Recommended values for EURUSD M15

  • Periods - 2;
  • Acceleration- 0.12.

Recommended values for EURUSD M5

  • Periods - 2;
  • Acceleration - 0.11.

Indicator parameters

  • Periods - indicator averaging period;
  • Acceleration - acceleration factor.
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