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Lobster is a ready-made trading system with a flexible market analysis algorithm. It performs most of the work for a trader. All you have to do is open and close orders following the indicator signals. The indicator will be very useful for both beginners and professionals. It is able to work with other indicators and independently.


  • No signal repainting;
  • Any pair;
  • Any timeframe;
  • Flexible market analysis system.

How to trade

  1. When the blue arrow appears, open a buy order;
  2. When the blue circle appears, close a buy order;
  3. When the red arrow appears, open a sell order;
  4. When the red circle appears, close a sell order.


  • history_bars - number of bars the indicator is to be displayed on;
  • Date_start - indicator start date;
  • amplitude1 - indicator buy range;
  • amplitude2 - indicator sell range;
  • period - indicator period;
  • width_arrow - arrow size;
  • width_circle - circle size;
  • arrow_length - distance to the arrow in points;
  • color_buy - buy signal color;
  • color_sell - sell signal color;
  • color_point - general text color;
  • color2 - info window color.
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