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Buy Market Scanner

Buy Market Scanner is a ready-made trading system, which shows the moments when it is necessary to open or close deals. Buy arrows appear on the zero bar without delay and redrawing. The same applies to signals for closing orders. They appear on the zero bar and are not redrawn. The number of profit or loss in points for a certain time period is displayed in the top right corner of the indicator. The indicator works best on the EURUSD currency pair with the H1 timeframe.

Operation Principles

  • Indicator's signals are not lagging.
  • The indicator does not redraw its signals.
  • The indicator works on all symbols and timeframes.
  • Simple and intuitive visualization.

Indicator Parameters

  • Per - period of the indicator.
  • bars - the initial number of bars to calculate and display information.
  • win - color of signals for opening deals.
  • loss - color of the signals closed at a loss.
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