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Amok is a fully automatic trading system that was developed for trading on the EURUSD currency pair, H1 timeframe on micro accounts. Nevertheless, as practice shows, this trading system works well in other currency pairs.

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Principle of work of the trading robot Amok

In the algorithm of the robot, there are more than 7 different trading strategies. This was done to ensure that the robot could work more stably in different market conditions. The program part of the robot uses 12 different indicators to analyze the market, then the results are superimposed by the robot on the historical data and the robot is trying to understand how the price of himself led with these signals in the past. If Amok sees that with a high probability the price at the current signal will go to the right side, he opens a buy order. Also, the robot determines the most effective levels of StopLoss and TakeProfit for the current order.

Amok can work in two modes: normal mode and Martingale. Nevertheless, in Martingale mode, the robot does not risk all means on the balance of the trader, but calculates the most effective level of profit and loss and trades only within their limits. Thus, the risk of a large drawdown is reduced. The robot constantly monitors the funds on the trading account.

Amok is an intelligent trading system that uses sophisticated calculation algorithms to determine the current one and tries to predict the future behavior of the price. The system is able to learn from its mistakes and exclude from the trading algorithm strategies that do not bring the desired efficiency.

Parameters Amok

Take - specify the relative level of TakeProfit. In fact, the robot automatically determines the effective level of TakeProfit and StopLoss, but the trader can manually adjust the correction level. With such a warrant, the calculated level of the robot will be superimposed on the correction level set by the trader.
Stop - specify the relative StopLoss level.
Risk - indicate the level of trade risk. This level affects the amount of opened orders.
Max_Spread - specify the maximum spread. If the current spread level is above the specified maximum, the robot will not open the order.
Martin - enables / disables Martingale mode.
Magic - the magic number for opened orders.

Recommended parameters for EURUSD, H1, micro account

Take - 6
Stop -1
Risk - 5
Martin - true
Maximum spread: up to 30
Account type: micro account.

Recommended parameters for EURUSD, M5, micro account

Take - 6
Stop -1
Risk - 2
Martin - false
Maximum spread: up to 5
Account type: micro account.

Recommended parameters for GBPUSD, H1, micro account

Take - 106
Stop -51
Risk - 3
Martin - true
Maximum spread: up to 10
Account type: micro account.

The best settings for other currency pairs are provided to everyone who bought this robot.

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