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SpreadMeter OGT Free

The indicator shows the current spread of the symbol, the minimum, average and maximum values for the current bar in the form of digital, analog and graphic indicators.

Has two modes of operation: fixing the system spread, or calculating the spread as the difference between the "Bid" and "Ask" prices on each incoming tick.


The indicator has a single input parameter:

  • Type of calculation - type of spread calculation. It can take the following values: System spread - the spread values are taken from the values transferred to the OnCalculate function; "Bid-Ask" Spread - the spread value is calculated as the price difference between "Bid" and "Ask" when a new tick comes in.

Launching the indicator

Drag the indicator to the desired chart. When you start, the indicator is displayed in the upper left corner, but you can move it to the desired location by clicking on it with the left mouse button, then moving it to the selected location.


This free version of the indicator has the following limitations:

  • When launched, the indicator does not read the data it saved in previous sessions;
  • The indicator panel can not be moved from the initial position.

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