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Spread Analyzer

Do you really know your broker spreads? Would you like to analyze it? Do you want to know what are the times of the day that offers the best spreads?

Spread Analyzer is a tool that collects all the REAL spreads data from your broker.

How does it works?

Very simple, EA collects spreads tick by tick , stores it and obtains statistics.

What this EA offers you is, from a certain period of time you choose, you will know how many ticks have been made at each spread level and the percentage of each one. Visually, there are graphical bars that makes it easy for you to read information.

On the other hand, you will have a report email with results.

In addition, you can configure emails with part report, with the desired frequency.

For example:

A report from 8:00h to 18:30h (general) with part information every 15 minutes, will make:

  • Real time visual study with the statistic of each spread, which will begin at 8:00h and finish at 18:30h.
  • General report by email of the spreads from 8:00h to 18:30h.
  • Partial report by email with partial statistics every 15 minutes (8:00h to 8:15h, 8:15h to 8:30h, etc).


  • Start Time: time to start general report (format hour:minutes)
  • Finish Time: time to finish general report (format hour:minutes)
  • Enable Part Report: Enable the sending part mails, within the general time range.
  • Minutes Part Report: Frequency of analysis of part dates in minutes.
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