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Spider Grid mt5

This expert is virtually a copy of my expert released for the MetaTrader 4 terminal - Spider Grid. The EA has been tested on the timeframes M15 and higher, smaller timeframes generate too many false signals. The main feature is that the EA does not trade in both directions simultaneously, unlike the MetaTrader 4 version. This is due to the fact that the MetaTrader 5 terminal does not execute orders in both directions on the same chart. But this is not an obstacle, so the Spider Grid MT5 Plus EA will be released at the same time with this version. It will implement trading in both directions in the MetaTrader 5 terminal. Which version to use is completely up to you. Bu purchasing any version of the Spider Grid EA for the MetaTrader 5 terminal, you will get the second version on favorable terms, for this you need to contact me.

Input Parameters

  • FirstLots - Initial lot for opening orders
  • Lot_Proc_from_Balance - The function of opening the initial lot as a percentage of the deposit, if 0 - disabled
  • Martin - Martingale
  • MartinPlus - The amount to change the martingale for each consecutive order. If the value is positive, martingale is increased, if it is negative, martingale is decreased. If 0 - parameter is disabled
  • GridStep - Order grid step
  • GridStepPlus - The function for changing the order grid step automatically. If the value is positive - the step increases, if negative - decreases, if 0 - parameter is disabled
  • MaxOrders - The maximum number of orders.
  • TP_pips - Take profit in points
  • SL_pips - Stop loss in points
  • Trail_SL_start - Trailing stop in points
  • Trail_SL_pips - Trailing stop distance, also specified in points
  • TF - Timeframe of the EA
  • RSI_Period - RSI indicator period
  • MFI_Period - MFI indicator period
  • CCI_Period - CCI indicator period
  • CountBars - The number of bars to confirm the signal for opening a position.
  • Execution type - Type of order execution

Make sure to use VPS and broker with low spread. When buying the EA, learn how it operates first, and then put it on a live account. If you have any questions, feel free to ask, I will help to install and configure.

Recommended deposit is 1000 units of the base currency per one pair, this conclusion was made after testing in the strategy tester for the last year. The use of a smaller deposit is possible, but the load on the deposit may become critical at some point.

Vladimir Severin
2016.05.20 12:35 

Автор постарался, хорошо реализовать свою идею! Поддержка автора на высоте; помогает, не динамит. Думаю этот продукт так же себя зарекомендует как и версия SpiderGrid для МТ4

2016.05.19 21:24 

Очень интересный бот, давно ждал этого продукта спасибо автору.

Version 1.1 - 2016.09.29
Changed the default parameters.