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KL Clone Your Chart Analysis

KL Clone Your Analysis prevents you against from doing or modifying your analysis on many charts every time again, thereby saves your time and energy.

The Script is cloning objects of your technical analysis to every other chart of the same instrument, as example from EURUSD chart to every other EURUSD chart.

Trend lines, horizontal lines and other objects are cloned with the same name, color, its name and description, visibility and other parameters.


  • When all charts have the same analysis, you can update your analysis to other charts from any chart of the same symbol regardless of its time frame.
  • You can attach the script to a chart manually or which is more useful by set hotkey.
  • It’s a script, so if it’s not used, it does not use your processor resources.

While cloning copied or deleted are:

  • Text objects
  • Trend lines
  • Horizontal lines
  • Rectangles
  • Triangles
  • Ellipses
  • Fibonacci retracement - but only with default levels
  • Equidistant channels
  • Andrews pitchforks

If you need another object types to clone or you have question or suggestions please contact me.

Mieczyslaw Kraszewski
Mieczyslaw Kraszewski 2016.02.14 19:20 

Have been testing this tool for a while and can only say that it saves a lot of time.

This tool helps and speeds up analysis and you have more time for trading.