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KL Andrews Pitchfork PRO

Andrews Pitchfork Pro for MetaTrader 4 with warning, trigger and slider lines. Each level can have its own color, style and different value. Each pitchfork has its own menu to manage additional properties. Attach the indicator to a chart and forget about it. Pitchforks are plotted directly from MetaTrader 4 toolbox. Hold clicked left mouse button at anchor P0 about 1 sec and get additional menu for managing Pitchfork properties like amount of levels, trigger lines and slider line. The menu disappears automatically if you move mouse pointer away from it. Magnetic alignment of Pitchfork Pro automatically aligns object anchor points to the tops or bottoms on the possible lowest timeframe according to available chart candle history of the terminal. Like my other tools, Andrews Pitchfork PRO was created in such a way as not to disturb the chart, and at the same time be extremely efficient.

Pitchfork menu

  • Show Levels ON/OFF – hide or show levels,
  • All 9 levels ON/OFF – if OFF, then pitchfork has predefined in settings amount of levels, if ON, then shows all nine levels,
  • Trigger line P1 ON/OFF – show trigger line extending through the anchor P1,
  • Trigger line P2 ON/OFF – show trigger line extending through the anchor P2,
  • Slider line ON/OFF – create or delete slider line near anchor P1.


  • Set suffix different from chart period (minutes). – as suffix can be any text, e.g. “Main H4”. To learn more, read Comments.
  • Show pitchfork levels while pitchfork is created? – can be true or false. The levels are still available from pitchfork menu.
  • Number of predefined level lines (max 9) – set amount that is not disturb on chart. All nine levels are still available from pitchfork menu.
  • Style of trigger lines – choose style from 0 to 4.
  • Width of trigger lines – choose trigger line width. Color of trigger and slider lines is color of pitchfork. Style of slider line is style of pitchfork.
  • Pitchfork_Level_value_1 up to …9 – first you need to set values that correspond with number of predefined levels.
  • Pitchfork_Level_color_1 up to …9 – color of each level.
  • Pitchfork_Level_style_1 up to …9 – style of each level.
  • Pitchfork_Level_width_1 up to …9 – width of each level.
  • Amount of bars – select amount of bars on current chart for searching pointed (P0, P1, P2) tops or bottoms on lower timeframes. Too big amount of bars can cause unexpected movement of anchor points.
  • Magnet sensitivity in pips – too big distance can cause unwanted attraction of anchor points to candles.


In order to manage pitchforks on chart, suffix is added to the indicator file name for storing properties of pitchforks. If suffix is empty, then suffix is current chart period and the content of this file can be overwritten by another indicator from other chart with the same suffix. Please set suffix different from chart period, which is amount of period minutes. In order to get object properties or delete pitchforks, please select anchor point P0. If anchor P1 of pitchfork is placed in the future, then levels and slider line disappear. Also, if any of anchor points is placed in the future, then automatic anchor point alignment does not work. If whole pitchfork is moved to other place, slider line is deleted automatically. The indicator manages only pitchforks plotted from MetaTrader 4 toolbox and created by indicator Toolbox PRO 1. If you want to clone Pitchfork Pro with all levels, then attach indicator KL_Pitchfork_Pro.ex4 to destination chart. After pitchfork was cloned to another chart, pitchfork can be frozen. Which means that pitchfork can be selected and its menu works but object can’t be moved. For proper testing in the strategy tester, Andrews Pitchfork PRO needs more than 1000 bars. How to use Andrews Pitchfork, you can learn from book “INTEGRATED PITCHFORK ANALYSIS” by Dr. Mircea Dologa.

sfx-walbrook 2017.05.08 10:30 

A professional tool for MT4, finally I can trade Median Line Strategy from MT4 charts in a professional way. Highly recommended for serious traders looking for high probabilities trading system simplifying charts overview. You won't need anything else on your charts in order to trade.Thanks for development!!

Kilmanjaro 2017.05.04 17:29 

Andrew's Pitchfork PRO for MetaTrader 4 is great tool with and amazing additions that is helping me make consistent gains in my trading. Unlike the traditional pitchfork on MT4, Andrew's Pitchfork PRO allows the user to add additional upper and lower parallel lines to anticipate any upward or downward moves. Among other features that I use when price breaches the upper or lower parallel line is the slider line which lets me keep an eye on price being contained or respecting support. When at times the pitchfork is not giving a proper slope projection, the feature I use is the Trigger line to transform the Pitchfork PRO into a Modified Schiff which will in most cases project the angle or slope. The Pitchfork PRO being a multiple time frame indicator has in deed helped my trades with all its features. More important to me though is the support that comes from the author-Krzysztof. He is always available to answer and respond to any question and provide me with assistance; when I leave him a message, he promptly respond; and for me, and am sure to all who purchase any product if you always receive an excellent support from the vendor I thing it is worthy of citing and recommending. I am very happy with the Andrew's Pitchfork PRO and the support that comes with it, so, I recommend it to any one who is looking for an indicator that can help them identify potential winning trades.

cozyman 2016.11.28 23:22 

This is a very nice indicator well Worth the money, with which you can generate some really high probability trades, it will improve the current pitchfork in the Mt4 platform with extra levels, I personally like it because it is much faster and I don't have to draw the extra lines as I Watch many charts. I can't wait for future updates of this indicator, I totally recommend it for any trader using forks.

Versión 1.11 2016.11.22
New alignment mechanism of pitchfork anchor points to tops and bottoms. Distance of magnet sensitivity was changed from pips distance to pixel distance. Also, you can disable automatic alignment and if needed, force it by key Ctrl and click in the pitchfork.

For accurate operations of Andrews Pitchfork PRO in strategy tester you need upload 1000 or more bars. In fact it should be similar amount of bars that you normally see on your chart. After uploading 1000 or more bars, blue description disappears automatically and you can draw pitchforks. In order to get menu of pitchfork, tester needs to work.