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Infinity TrendLine PRO

The INFINITY TrendLine PRO indicator is based on an analysis of the average range of price (ATR). It shows the trend change, entry point and recommended TakeProfit and StopLoss levels. TrendLine PRO does not redraw the trend line and does not change trading levels.

Choosing the TrendLine PRO indicator today you get a free bonus from the developer:

HTF-Historgram- a unique addition to the TrendLine PRO indicator, the histogram displayed in the basement of your chart shows a temporary change in the local trend. It is very easy to install and intuitive.

Download from the blog

General settings:

Amplitude -is the main parameter, which determines the duration of the local trend and the frequency of the appearance of a new TrendLine indicator signal.  It works best in the range from 5 to 12.

ExtremeRange (for calc TP/SL-target level, bars) -is the number of bars defining the range to calculate TakeProfit and StopLoss levels. The smaller the range of bars, the closer the levels are to the opening price.

TP1, TP2, TP3 (target level) -are three levels to fix the profit. The higher the level, the lower is the possibility of achieving it.  It is calculated as the ratio to ExtremeRange.

Сalculation Range (bars) -is the range of bar history on which the indicator is drawn and virtual trades are calculated, the probability of success of each TP level and the ratio of Win/Loss trades. The larger this parameter is, the more trades are involved in the calculations. However, this may slow down the indicator.

ShiftPips for SL (SL=ExtremeRange+ShiftPips) -is  the number of points to offset the SL level beyond the Extreme Range. If =0, the SL level is set at the edge of the Extreme Range.

SuccessRate_Type - you can choose to calculate the probability of success for each trend (Buy/Sell) or averaged.

Higher Timeframe Filter (HTF) -is an important parameter that has no equivalents at competitors. In fact, this is another indicator that calculates the trend in the older period (optional). If the current trend (for example, H1) and the older trend (for example, D1) coincide, you get an additional guarantee of the indicator's strength.

Symbols - FX-pairs for the scanner panel. The more pairs you install, the slower the indicator works!

RESULT- calculation of trading results by entry / exit points: reaching TP (1,2,3), SL level or a local trend reversal point.

Time Filter- is used to exclude new signals in the range of the 24 hour period. If a new signal falls within a selected range, it is rejected during calculations and notification.

NOTIFICATION SETTINGS -is a group of settings for notifications of the main indicator signal. Notifications come only from the main indicator at the time of the trend change. You can set the signal details and send a notification to your phone or email.

Scanner PRO SETTINGS -is a pop-up panel when pressing the "PRO" button on the main indicator panel. It serves to display the current trend on additional pairs (can be changed). The orange frame has timeframes with a Super Signal, enhanced by the coincidence of the trend with the older periods. When you press the signal button, the scanner automatically switches to the selected pair and timeframe. The scanner operation may slow down the indicator calculation. Make sure that historical data is available for the pairs selected in the scanner and that the connection to the broker is secure.

ICostom Buffers for Developers:

up [], down [], up2 [], down2 [], // trend lines

 atrlo [], // signal to the input

strongSig [], // super signal

hi [], lo [], // arrows (entry price value)

 stopLoss [], // SL-level

TP1 [], TP2 [], TP3 [], // TP levels

trend [], // direction of the current trend

htf [], // trend direction of the HTF-filter

sRate1 [], sRate2 [], sRate3 [], sRateAll []; // SuccessRate (%)

If you have any questions email me: profitcamp@mail.ru or via MQL5 chat.

Zimon Szeto
Zimon Szeto 2019.07.17 19:51 

Worth 5 star, the indicator works as it claimed.

XtraSharky 2019.07.16 14:44 

Gret product thus far.

looking extremely promising on backtesting. will do forward tests and update my review.

Thanks a mil for this

mrkaib 2019.07.15 12:24 


You have to play a little bit on the settings. For each currency pair and each timeframe you need your own settings. Even for different brokers (eg H4 - because of different time zones). But if you work that out, the system works fine so far.

Indicator and support are great.

Thank you

krassi2305 2019.07.14 21:14 

Mit etwas Übung ein wirklich tolles System! In Kombination mit dem Utility, ist es einfach Super. Danke dafür.

Moo0y 2019.07.13 23:51 

Quede decepcionado con el sistema. Aunque la atención que brindan es buena.

predictions31 2019.06.26 08:42 

This is wonderful, i think the programmer benched marked all of pipfinite and made it more better by adding more to it. The major benefits of is trend, and this is all you need for trend, seat back and enjoy the ride it gives you, you can make it auto by getting the trade utility for trendline pro to it, with that you can attend to other issue while the systems trade for you like a pro. so many thanks to Evgenii

intan08 2019.06.25 17:40 

Best indicator I've bought from MQL5 and I've bought many. Top marks!

Fei Wang
Fei Wang 2019.06.12 21:02 

Why can't all the indicators be used after win10 upgrade, need to buy from new?

Alfred Minors
Alfred Minors 2019.06.06 15:07 

This product is worth my first ever review. The product does what it intends. Follow the suggestions. I use it in conjunction with this EA https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/14623

Drop in the suggested TP and SL. Click the buy or sell button. I have done twenty trades over 48 hours. Only two losses and that was < 60% expectations.

Chris Pretorius
Chris Pretorius 2019.06.05 07:37 

This is an excellent indicator. If you follow the suggestions, you will do well.

sothightop 2019.05.24 08:18 

well done! easy to handle. can i set the alert on my mobile? coz cant 24hour sit in front of pc wait for signal.....

şadi işeri
şadi işeri 2019.05.21 07:37 

trend line utility ile beraber kullandığınızda harika bir robot olmaktadır. müthiş bir yazılım. selamlar.

pavel.krasnoiar 2019.05.20 12:49 

Это лучший индикатор на рынке!!!

RBC1234 2019.05.18 18:34 

I purchase Infinity Trade Pro and Infinity Trade Utility.

I have been studying the two tools that I find very interesting. The author's response to all questions put to him is prompt and effective. Thank you.

xiesw 2019.05.16 05:19 

I just bought it. I'm studying. It looks cool.

HarryJoshi 2019.05.12 19:36 

Excellent Product. Author Mr. Evgenii Aksenov is truly active in replying for any query/concerns. I highly recommend this Indicator. Thank you.

Fallet Willy
Fallet Willy 2019.05.09 07:34 


CWK 2019.05.01 15:44 

this indicator is awesome!!All the TP & SL level already set for you but you can set it up for your own if you don't like it.


Honestly,you need to adjust all the setting by your own self,then can become profitable and high accuracy.

I've done it in 3 days for 28 currencies pairs for every timeframe exclude M1.

Don't ask me for the set file because if you are lazy to do the setting you're not suitable to invest in forex.

Here's a tips:Try to adjust the amplitude,SL and HTF with different timeframe filter(on/off).

i highly recommended this indicator!

Keokone 2019.04.19 21:03 

After trying the demo successfully, I think the PRO version is a good idea: good results, good price, good support.

alden24 2019.04.09 15:45 

Wow..genius product..thx

Ep.foxtrot 2019.04.06 20:10 

Great product,Indicator is perfect,Awesome Evgenii!

DawnO 2019.04.04 12:13 

I bought this yesterday after trying the free demo version. I was really impressed with the demo and am even more impressed with the Pro, thanks

niloc45 2019.03.31 09:14 

Have been using this indicator for a couple of months and found it to be very useful and reliable

, especially when used with HTF and trading with the trend.

Vadim Simakov
Vadim Simakov 2019.03.28 09:31 

Евгений,огромное спасибо за Ваш продукт.

Я в восторге!!! По большинству пар мои цели отработаны полностью!!! Крутая разработка!!! Так держать!!! Успехов в дальнейшем.

Буду с нетерпением ждать от Вас ещё что - нибудь этакое! А может и круче!) Не побоюсь порекомендовать данный продукт другим людям.


sittipatc 2019.03.28 08:53 

I just bought it today. The part that me me like this one is success rate. and visualization is look great.

Vas Sun
Vas Sun 2019.03.27 19:23 

Very good.

kennethlee 2019.03.27 09:42 

El usuario no ha dejado ningún comentario para su valoración

Tom 2019.03.27 09:25 

Indicator is perfect.

Natasha Diedericks
Natasha Diedericks 2019.03.26 19:33 

Great product. Feeling more confident now. Awesome Evgenii!

wec 2019.03.23 09:31 

If you have tried the free version and are satisfied with the results, you should really try the pro version.

Tomasz Wojtala
Tomasz Wojtala 2019.03.22 17:05 

I've tested this indicator for 3 months on free version .. Now I've bought PRO version. This indicator is very helpful to my trading. In my opinion is worth the price and most importantly you will receive professional support from the author too.

Now I'm enjoyed my trading, big respect for author and his PRO version.. To be honest it is diamond among all indicators !

RAZMEN55 2019.03.22 06:17 

good indicator,its giving me above 80 % accuracy

brown888 2019.03.18 06:16 

El usuario no ha dejado ningún comentario para su valoración

Paolo Folchini
Paolo Folchini 2019.03.12 12:42 

review of 12 March 2018

I purchased "Infinity TrendLine PRO" on March 1st, after using version 4.73 of the Infinity TrendLine indicator.

I cannot forget the first difficulties due to incorrect notifications, but with the current version 6.2 all this has been solved.

Congratulations to Evgenii for the ability to have solved the problem in a relatively short time.

Congratulations to Evgenii for the willingness to provide explanations in both MQL5 and e-mail.

By continuing to use it, I am increasingly able to understand all its features.

Excellent indication of the "success rate" which combined with the HTF filter, can provide an indication with a greater probability of success.

Pity though that in the indication that is sent, does not appear:

1. the "success rate";

2. if the HTF filter recommends the operation and consequently if the signal color coincides with the HTF color;

3. the values ​​of TP1, TP2 and TP3;

4. the stop loss value.

As it is now, the notification can be correctly managed only with the use of a personal computer and not with a smartphone.

I look forward to the sale of an EA (INFINITY UNITED EA or INFINITY TRENDLINE EA) which, combined with this indicator, will be able to manage operations completely independently.

Congratulations once again for the work already done, and that all this bodes well for what will be done for the future.

I apologize for my English but, I hope I have passed on to Evgenii all my respect and trust.









Update of the review of 21 March 2018

I thank Evgenii for the support provided.

I'm using the Infinity TrendLine PRO indicator and in parallel other tools he suggests.

The HTF filter tool is excellent, which confirms the efficiency of the trend, and even more so the HTF_Histogramm which shows the interval of the trend of higher periods.

Together they provide a trend index of operations.

I also congratulate Evgenii for having satisfied, in a very short time, my request to see me notified of the details of each operation that the indicator recommends.

For example: INFINITY TrendLine PRO: TP1: 45 (42.0%) TP2: 89 (33.0%) TP3: 134 (23.0%) SL: 248 Success Rate: 61.0% SIGNAL: EURUSD_M15 (Buy)

Having all this information in the notification, allowed me to manage purchases and sales directly from the smartphone without the need to necessarily have a personal computer in my hands

Congratulations to Evgenii for the continuous assistance provided to me via e-mail and the constant support in clarifying any doubts and doubts.

Now I'm just waiting for the sale of an Expert Advison that can operate in my place, seizing all the opportunities that the indicator will suggest

Versión 8.4 2019.07.23
Fixed bug with postfix parameter
Versión 8.3 2019.07.20
Updated to v.8.3
Versión 8.2 2019.07.09
Added TimeFilter during 24h (for open signal)
Fixed some bugs
Versión 8.1 2019.07.04
Changed Scanner panel:
-added more pairs
-added the SuccessRate indication on the button for each pairs and timeframes
Versión 8.0 2019.06.17
Changed the default parameters
Versión 7.9 2019.05.22
Added Notification buttons for TF (Scanenr)
Versión 7.8 2019.05.21
Fixed the function connecting with HTF_Historgam
Versión 7.7 2019.05.20
updated version
Versión 7.6 2019.05.19
Upgraded graphics code
Changed parameters:
"ZigZag Period (bars) for calculate TP/SL-target" to "ExtremeRange for calc TP/SL-target (bars)"
"Maximum History Bars" to "Сalculation Range (bars)"
"Shift PiPs(SL=ZigZag+Shift Pips),if "0" SL=ExtrimeZigZag" to "ShiftPips for SL (SL=ExtremeRange+ShiftPips)"
"Show TakeProfit and StpoLoss Lines" to "Show lines of TP/SL"

Added perameter:
"SuccessRate_Type: (Average value (BUY+SELL)/2) and Current signal (BUY or SELL)"
Versión 7.5 2019.05.14
A new function "Active Scanner panel" added
Versión 7.4 2019.05.08
updated version
Versión 7.3 2019.05.07
Added notification "The isn't enough History of Bars. (Download history for chart or reduce the parameter MaxHistory Bars)"
Versión 7.2 2019.04.26
fixed graphics issue
Versión 7.1 2019.04.22
fixed calculation issue result
Versión 7.0 2019.04.11
Fixed some issue with detaled notification
Versión 6.9 2019.04.02
When you select the "filter HTF = true" indicator displays and counts only those signal (trade) that coincide with the HTF (in real time). It also indicates which HTF color was at the indicator signal.
Versión 6.8 2019.04.02
1) Each trade of TP1, TP2, TP3 is shown
2) Displays the number of losing trades at the LOSS level (x1-х2-x3)
3) All trades are considered and the SuccessRate and Result are correctly considered
Versión 6.7 2019.03.25
Added a PRO button to activate the pop-up scanner panel
Versión 6.6 2019.03.21
Added 'Сolor FX-Symbols' function
Versión 6.5 2019.03.14
The final version of the indicator to work with an EA.
Added selection of super-signal on the main chart.
Versión 6.4 2019.03.14
There was an update code