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Amazing Channel

The Expert Advisor uses mathematical strategies without any indicators. The first deal is opened when the price touches or breaks the level of the price channel. The price channel is drawn at the n distance from the price and modified according to the timer in seconds. If the price does not touch the upper or lower channel level or cross it over a given period of time, no trade is opened and the price channel is modified. Recommended minimum deposit - 1000 USD. Use the EA on a VPS server with low latency.


  • First Lots—initial lot;
  • Lots Multiplier—lot multiplier;
  • Take Profit—take profit in points;
  • Max. Drawdown—maximum drawdown, reaching which the EA will stop opening orders;
  • Price Step Channel—price channel step in points from the Ask/Bid price;
  • Time Modify Channel—modification of the price channel in seconds;
  • Step Orders—step for opening new orders;
  • Slippage—maximum slippage;
  • Magic—magic number;
  • Comment—a comment to orders;
  • Show Info—show/hide info;
  • Text Color—text color;
  • Up Color—the color of the upper line of the channel;
  • Dn Color—the color of the lower line of the channel;
  • Order Filling Type—order fill policy.
Rafael Teixeira Chaves
Rafael Teixeira Chaves 2018.01.09 22:00 

Great EA

James Gatimu
James Gatimu 2017.07.07 12:13   

Any chance we can get mt4 version?

Andreas Dlabka
Andreas Dlabka 2017.01.07 12:17 

Hallo, dieser EA ist richtig gut!

Benötigt jedoch viel Zein und Geduld(!!!), die richtigen Parameter zu finden.

Bitte immer genügend Kapital auf Konto, da EA erst bei TP aus Trade rausgeht, sonst könnte sich Guthaben schnell in Luft auflösen...

giulio maver
giulio maver 2015.05.24 16:22 

Hi all, I am very happy with this expert with the necessary settings and testing is going well. thanks Vladimir

link myfxbook http://www.myfxbook.com/members/iw2ktl61/amazing-robo/1192930

Roberto W
Roberto W 2015.02.09 16:33 

Hi everybody,

I purchased this EA and till now I'm satisfied with the profit.

For now I'm testing it in my demo account of €1000. Not that big but it is enough

to make some profit if you change the settings and are not to greedy. :)

Before I purchased another EA (RSI-Scalper) but didn't gave me profit enough.

I use these 2 EA's together now. For example...one chart of EUR/USD with Amazing channel

and one chart of EUR/USD with RSI-Scalper).

Strange but truth...after 3 days already a profit of €790.

I'm happy with that.

Good luck for those who buy this EA too