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Moving Average EA MT4

Moving Average EA ΜΤ4 is a fully automated Expert Advisor for trading the Moving Average slope direction at an entirely new approach.  Moving Average EA MT4 opens its first trade after the slope direction of the Moving Average turns upwards for a long trade and/or downwards for a short trade (after a nearly flat state). Then opens a new same direction trade on every candle, as long as the slope direction of the Moving Average remains unchanged. There is an option to use this EA in the traditional way, by opening a single trade when the slope direction of the Moving Average changes and then open an opposite order at the next change. A series of unique settings make this EA extremely versatile, for example the option to limit the distance between same direction orders in order to avoid too many similar level trades or the offset setting that forces the EA to wait for a better price on each new candle. At the same time you are able to control your trading account's profit and/or loss at a basket level, for all your open positions combined.

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  • Martingale, Grid, Averaging or other dangerous techniques are not used
  • New trade on every new candle of the same Moving Average slope direction
  • Option for traditional Moving Average trading
  • Limitation of distance between same direction orders
  • Hard and Virtual Take Profit and Stop Loss levels
  • Basket TP, SL, BE and Trailing SL in % for all open positions combined
  • 100% automated Expert Advisor
  • MQL5 VPS compatible

How to use Moving Average EA MT4?

You should attach Moving Average EA ΜΤ4 to a chart of your desired currency pair (or pairs) in the MT4 terminal and click the Auto Trading button. If you use MQL5 VPS, you need to synchronize with your MQL5 VPS in order to migrate your trading environment onto the virtual server (right click on the MQL5 VPS in the Navigator window >> Synchronize experts, indicators).

Moving Average EA MT4 Inputs

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    Version 1.30 2020.03.17
    Addition of weekdays true/false trade option.
    Version 1.20 2020.02.26
    Addition of Close All Positions on Friday option.
    Version 1.10 2020.01.24
    Minor improvements.