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Multi Time Trader

The EA is meant for opening trades at a certain time. All parameters of trades being opened are adjustable: take profit, stop loss, opening time, opening direction (may be both directions), lot of orders. The EA has 12 settings for different opening time, however the EA can also open trades at the same time if required. Just keep in mind that the EA can perform 12 various operations at different time and with different take profit, stop loss, etc.


  • Lot_1 = 0.1 - lot for the first setting or the first order
  • TYPE_ORDER_1 = BUY - trade type
    • NONE - not to open orders at Time_1.
    • BUY - opens BUY order at Time_1
    • SELL - opens SELL order at Time_1
    • ALL_DIRECTION - opens orders in both directions at Time_1
  • Time_1 = "01:14" - time in the "HH:MM:SS" format to open the first order
  • TP_1 = 50 - take profit of the first order; disabled if set to 0
  • SL_1 = 200 - stop loss setting; similar to take profit
  • Magic_Number_1 = 11 - unique identifier.
Each array of settings must have different Magic_Number_N !

All other settings are repeated. There are 12 arrays of settings.

Matthew Todorovski
2018.05.10 16:39 

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Andrey Litvichenko
2017.10.27 05:26 

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