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The EA's algorithm determines the stop / reversal trend levels by calculating the absolute difference between the wave segments in the last 48 trading hours. The RSI indicator plays a supporting role when deciding to open a trade.

Signal advisor in real time HERE.

Recommended: EURUSD 15m for default settings, VPS server.


  • Commentary to orders - Comments to orders;
  • Profit in points - Take profit in points;
  • Take% if> 3 orders - Take % profit if orders are more than 3;
  • Risk for autolot - Percentage risk for automatic lot calculation;
  • Multiplication factor - Lot increase ratio;
  • Step between orders - Step between orders;
  • TF - Timeframe for the RSI indicator;
  • RSI period - The period of the RSI indicator;
  • RSI level for Buy - The RSI indicator level for opening BUY-orders;
  • RSI level for SELL - Level for opening SELL-orders;
  • Magic number - Magic number;
  • Max spread - The maximum spread.

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