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This expert advisor move the stop loss at 50%(middle) of the range over specified number of bars. It has the next parameters:

  • BarsNum: Number of bars to calculate the range.
  • PipDistance: Distance in pips to place the stop loss above/below the middle of the range(Put 0 if you want exactly in the middle).

Once the expert is attached to a chart it will show the next inputs at the top left corner:

  • LTS: Stop loss price of buy orders.
  • STS: Stop loss price of sell orders.
  1. This expert do not open orders by itself, it works on opened orders.
  2. You must attach to charts with orders. Example: If you have orders in EURUSD attach the expert advisor on EURUSD chart.
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Version 1.10 - 2016.03.17
Quitted annoying alert.