MetaTrader to cTrader Trade Copier

MetaTrader to cTrader Trade Copier

16 May 2022, 00:29
Tsung Che Kuo

his is the user guide for 'MT4/MT5 to cTrader' Trade Copier EA.

This trade copier for 'MT4/MT5 -> cTrader ' consists of two parts:

  • Trade signal transmit utility EA as you purchased from MetaQuotes Market.
  • Trade cBot copier at cTrader

1. Please download the .algo file of 'MTCTCopier' cBot from here

2. Start up cTrader first and then double click this MTCTCopier.algo file.  cTrader will prompt an install popup as below.  Click 'yes'.

3. Please use a demo account for hands-on first.  

4. At cTrader menu, select "MTCTCopier' from cBot list:

cTrade will pop up a window asking if you want to allow file access for this copier cBot. 

Please click yes - as this copier will use MetaQuotes standard file transfer method to interchange the secured data with MT4/MT5 order transmit EA.

5. At MT4/MT5 side, attach the 'signal transmit' utility EA to chart:

6. Back to cTrader. 

Besides setting signal lot adjustment at mt4/mt5 side, you could select the copy lot mode at cTrader side as well.

There're 4 lot modes: follow metatrader signal lot, fixed lot, percent per account balance, percent per account equity.

Click the blue start button next to MTCTCopier cBot text to get it started.

7. You could make some new order entries or closes at MT4/MT5 side and check the copy progress at the cBot log window of cTrader:

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