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FxBrainBot EA

The FxBrainBot EA is a math based Expert Advisor. He uses the Period and the Power combined with the weight of Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Delta to enter a trade.

Due to his ability of adapting to nearly any market conditions, this Expert Advisor can be optimized for almost any currency pair and timeframe.

To reduce your risk you can use a Money Management system and a simple Trailing Stop.

Parameters for the FxBrainBot

  • Period = This is the number of periods the FxBrainbot uses for his calculations.
  • Power = This indicates the Expert Adisor with how much accuracy the calculations are done.
  • Alpha = The weight of the Alpha calculation (1 - 200)
  • Beta = The weight of the Beta calculation (1 - 200)
  • Gamma = The weight of the Gamma calculation (1 - 200)
  • Delta = The weight of the Delta calculation (1 - 200)


Yannick Deubel, trading system developer and owner of Tradarz.com

Evgeniy Ozhiganov
2015.02.22 04:57 

Так и не понял принцип работы данного советника.. И денег он мне тоже не дал заработать, пришлось создавать свою собственную торговую систему по которой успешно торгую по сегодняшний день...

Gennadiy Sidorov
2014.05.15 08:41 

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Vadim Strelkov
2014.05.13 11:59 

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Version 1.3 - 2015.04.10
You can now set a MagicNumber
You can choose the Order Fill Policy
Version 1.2 - 2015.04.08
- Now recognizes 4/5 digits brokers
- Added a Spread Filter
- Parameters are clearlier arranged