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Netsrac SR Dashboard

With the SR Dashboard, you get a powerful tool to control some of the most important information in trading. Assemble a setup according to your strategy and get informed as soon as this setup is valid. Assign scores to defined conditions and let the Dashboard find them. Choose from Trend, Average Daily Range, RSI, Moving Averages, Pivot (Daily, Weekly, Monthly), Highs and Lows, Candlestick Patterns.

Note: This indicator cannot be used in the Strategy Tester. The demo version here from the market does not work. Please use the free version of the indicator for testing: https://www.mql5.com/de/market/product/34863

What can you do with this tool?

Use the dashboard as a powerful tool for your discretionary trading. You will be able to save a lot of time on the screen.

With the SR Dashboard, you will be able to find some interesting trading setups in a faster and smarter way. Some of these setups are described in our new blog series:


takis7222 2019.05.28 09:34 

It simply makes life our life much easier, eally looking forward including more signals. Excellent job thank you!

cnotez108 2019.05.28 00:57 

Great tool to be able to quickly scan key indicators for numerous pairs in different TF's. Makes life a lot easier!

Definitely room for enhancements and tweaks, Carsten is quick to respond to questions and open to suggestions. Still playing around with the signal thresholds and once I get a better handle of what signals I want to see, cant wait to push that function on auto-pilot. Will still always have it up tho so its easier to see which pairs are still trending and which may be showing signs of a reversal. Keep up the good work!

Olpey 2019.05.03 13:12 

AWESOME Dashboard!!! PERFECT for reversal traders!!!

As a full-time trader, I hunt reversal with seceral of indicators RSI,EMA, DMA, Pivots and Fibs... Tracking confluences... This dashboard is absolutely perfect, greatly done, and Carsten is providing a VERY good customer service !!!!!

With this dashboard I saved a lot of time having my pairs scanned , now I see it all on one indicator...

Thank you very much for this work!!

Version 2.0 2019.05.27
- An error in calculating the score has been fixed
Version 1.90 2019.05.06
- New section: RSI (it is the last feature update for SR-Dashboard to stay consistently for my existing customers)
- Optical and performance enhancements
Version 1.80 2019.05.02
- pivot point calculation method can now be changed between Standard and Fibo
Version 1.70 2019.03.18
- bugfix in score-calculation
- improvements in pattern-scanner
Version 1.50 2019.02.22
- fixed description of variables and added "score multiplier"
Version 1.40 2019.02.21
- bugfix in the calculation of the scores in the pivot section
Version 1.30 2019.02.01
- the dashboard is now showing the current profit/loss for symbols
- fix in function for opening symbol chart
- use an own string for individual alerts
Version 1.20 2019.01.25
- Daily Range score can now also be set for yesterday
Version 1.10 2019.01.24
- bug in the pivot calculation fixed
- It is now displayed for which criterion scores are assigned
- An alarm can now be assigned even with negative scores