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ForexGumpXL is a new generation in the forex gump indicator line. More accurate, faster, less complicated in the settings is all about the new ForexGumpXL indicator. In the new version of the indicator, we have applied a truly new algorithm of work. Now he does not just analyze the market for a price reversal, but with the help of an adaptation algorithm, determining the current volatility in the market indicator with a high degree of probability is able to anticipate false price reversals in order not to react to them in the future. ForexGumpXL has almost ceased to respond to market noise. Now the indicator gives a signal when the price with a high degree of probability will change its direction of movement.

How to trade with ForexGumpXL:

Very simple. You can build your trading exclusively on one ForexGumpXL indicator. The indicator will show you when to open orders, and we'll tell you now how and when to close them. And so you bought and installed ForexGumpXL on your computer and launched it for example on EURUSD H1. To open an order you only need to wait for the indicator signal. For example, the indicator drew a blue arrow. After that, you open a buy order and expose the TrailingStop in the amount of 75 points (if you trade on a micro account). Now you need to wait until the TrailingStop is set up. If it did not work and the signal appeared in the opposite direction - we close the current order and open it in the opposite direction. As you can see, everything is very simple. The secret of success of this trading strategy is that in 94% of cases after the arrow appears the price goes in the right direction at least 75 points (on micro accounts). In order to make it easier for you to trade, when the signal appears, the indicator will send an email and push notification.

ForexGumpXL options:

  • Index_calculation_period - the calculation period of the price direction index.
  • bars - the number of bars to display the indicator. The maximum value is 5000. The minimum value is 200.
  • inform - output the information board to the screen.
  • Color - the color of the information board.
  • thickness_of_thick_line - thickness of a thick line.
  • thin_line_thickness - the thickness of a thin line.
  • Signal - send signals to email and push.
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Version 2.0 2018.08.23
1. Corrected errors with email and push notifications.
2. Add one more filter to the algorithm for determining the trend.