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Any chart overbought and oversold

Multicurrency indicator Any chart obs is a price chart with a percentage scale.

Can be displayed as a line and as a histogram. There is also a reverse function available, it mirrors the chart. The name of an instrument to be displayed is specified in the input parameters, the current symbol is used on default.

The indicator doesn't have lags as it is not smoothed with any formulas, but bound to a percentage scale, what allows detecting the price equilibrium, the overbought and oversold state. The indicator can be used for determining the start and direction of a trend / flat. It is also useful for analyzing the movement of several pairs simultaneously in a single window when using paired trading and other methods.

The charts can be turned upside down depending on the correlation of the instruments analyzed.

Another feature of this indicator is the lines of the instruments (when analyzing several instruments in a single window) are not redraw when scrolling the chart.

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