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Super Trend Bars

Super Trend Bars is a trend finding indicator. It tries to find the trends that are most likely to trend. A set of indicators and a set of algorithms.

Trend probability changes color when it finds a high trend. The red color represents the declining trend. The lime color represents the upward trend. Super Trend Bar changes color when it finds a trend.


  • This indicator is a trend indicator by itself.
  • It can operate without the need for additional indicators.
  • When you see the first lime color to do the BUY transaction.
  • The stop loss level is the first red color.
  • Make a scrolling of the stop loss with the level of take profit.
  • Shift the level of stop loss to the longest possible distance.
  • Because it searches for great trends.
  • Do the same for the sell operation.


  • TrendBars_period - the indicator period setting. Standard period 14
Pedro_ES 2018.11.22 19:22 

Very decent indicator but it needs arrows on the candle when a signal happens and pushed notifications