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Box Martingale System

Box martingale system is an indicator designed to trade martingale. This indicator sends a signal from the highest point where the trend is likely to return. With these signals the user starts the trades.

These signals appear in the form of a box. The user can see from which point the signal is given. The important thing in trading martingale is to find a good starting point. This indicator provides this starting point.

Trade rules

  • Start processing when the first trade signal arrives.
  • The important thing is to make the first trade.
  • The indicator will continue to send signals from the points where it finds signals.
  • After that you should proceed according to the plan you choose.
  • Continue to increase the folding order of the lot by 1.1. This is the ideal. It involves more risk.
  • You do not need to follow this indicator constantly.
  • With the help of a VPS.
  • It allows you to send alerts via push notifications and mail.

Recommended time interval: M30

Run with at least 20 pairs.

Operate with a maximum of two pairs at the same time.

For every couple of times a month the trade chance is given.

Because of this reason, if you run over 20 pairs, your chances of trading increase.


  • Depth - this property is transaction depth. The higher this is, the more healthy the signal is. The recommended range is 750- 1500.
  • Alerts - this feature sends alerts to the mt4 screen.
  • Alert_mobil - The mobile app sends alerts.
  • Alert_email - this feature will alert you to your mail address.
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