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Super Oscillator

Super oscillator indicator is an oscillator designed to calculate trend reversal points. A set of bar calculations and a set of algorithms to calculate trend reversals.

Level probing system with high probability trends. All of these features combine to make it easier for investors to find trends.

Suggestions and Features

  • There are two levels on the super oscillator indicator.
  • They are at levels of 0.5 and -0.5.
  • The oscillator bar should be below -0.5 to find the upward trend.
  • And a blue color that tends to move upwards.
  • The oscillator bar is above the 0.5 level to find the downward trend.
  • And a pink color with a tendency to turn backwards.
  • Can be used in all time frames.
  • Can be used with all pairs.


  • Period - super oscillator period setting. Standard period 14.
  • CountBars - calculates back bars
cesande 2017.06.08 16:48 

Great indicator that can be used to validate trades based on traders system or used standalone.

Very happy with this indicator and as I said I feel it can even be used just by itself for super easy trading.

Combined with my system it is a great confirmation!

Great job sir! Well done.