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Full Divergence Signal

This indicator is designed to find the difference in price and indicator. This indicator uses various indicators. These indicators RSI, Macd, Momentum, RVI, Stochastic, Standard deviation, Derivative, Williams, and custom.

You can use these indicators by selecting the indicator type section. This indicator shows the price and indicator difference on the screen. Indicators are individually selectable. You can use the custom type to enter the desired parameters. The user is alerted with the alert sending feature.


  • indicatorType - Base indicator
  • divergenceDepth - Depth of 2nd ref. point search

===The base indicator parameters calculate period===

  • barsPeriod2 - Second calculation period
  • barsPeriod3 - Third calculation period
  • indAppliedPrice - Applied price of indicator
  • indMAMethod - MA calculation method

===Price extremum parameters===

  • findExtInterval - Price ext. to indicator ext.
  • marketAppliedPrice - Applied price of market

===Custom indicator===

  • customName - The name of indicator
  • customBuffer - Index of data buffer
  • customParamCnt - Amount of ind. parameters
  • customParam1-20 - Value of the 1st-20th parameter

===Parameters of displaying===

  • Alert - Alert on divergence?
  • Push - Notification on divergence?

===Divergence class A===

  • showClassA - Show
  • bullsDivAColor - Color of bulls divergence line
  • bearsDivAColor - Color of bears divergence line

===Divergence class B===

  • showClassB - Show
  • bullsDivBColor - Color of bulls divergence line
  • bearsDivBColor - Color of bears divergence line

===Divergence class C===

  • showClassC - Show
  • bullsDivCColor - Color of bulls divergence line
  • bearsDivCColor - Color of bears divergence line

===Hidden divergence===

  • showHidden - Show
  • bullsDivHColor - Color of bulls divergence line
  • bearsDivHColor - Color of bears divergence line
  • indBarsCount - The number of bars to display
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