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Super Signal Series Mystery Arrows

Super signal series mystery arrows is an indicator designed to generate trading signals. This indicator uses a number of different indicators and generates a signal using a number of historical data.

Currency pairs: Any

Time interval: M5, M15, M30. Suggested M5

Work with at least 20 pairs


  • AlertsOn - send alerts. If this feature is activated, it will be activated in other warning properties.
  • AlertsMessage - send a message
  • AlertsSound - sound alert setting
  • AlertsEmail - email alert setting. Send alerts to mail address.
  • Buy_color - buy signal color adjustment
  • Sell_color - sell signal color adjustment

Edgar Duttweiler
Edgar Duttweiler 2018.09.19 17:33 

Too bad that the arrow colors can not be assigned in the 'Colors' tab.

Then I had to use this arrow signal color for automatic trading with MT2IQ. Too bad, too bad ..... -> why I subtract in the rating 2 stars -> Should this deficiency be remedied, then I'll give it 5 stars !!!!