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EMA Trend

The EMA Trend indicator is a trend indicator using two moving averages. These two moving average is the main trend indicator with 89 EMA. 89 EMA is generally regarded as a trend in the Forex market. The second moving average is 49 EMA. A trend was created using two moving averages.

You can use this display alone as a trend indicator. Or with other indicators suitable for your strategy. This indicator sends a warning every new trend starts.


  • You can select and edit the periods.
  • Time frames, ma mode, price mode.
  • You can get new trend alerts with alert features.
  • Sends alert to mt4 screen
  • Send alert to mobile app
  • Mail address.


  • Period_1 - period 1 level setting
  • Period1_timeframes - period 1 time frame setting
  • Period1_mode - period1 mode setting
  • Period1_pricemode - price mode settings
  • Period_2 - period 2 level setting
  • Period2_timeframes - period 2 time frame setting
  • Period2_mode - period2 mode setting
  • Period2_pricemode - price mode settings
  • AlertsOn - send alerts. If this feature is activated, it will be activated in other warning properties.
  • AlertsMessage - send a message
  • AlertsSound - sound alert setting
  • AlertsEmail - email alert setting. Send alerts to mail address.
  • SoundFile - warning sound
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