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Dashboard The DIBS Method

DIBS = Daily Inside Bar Setup

This system basically utilizes the popular candle pattern Inside Bar to generate trading signal mainly on time-frame H1.

To facilitate you to understand and trade this system quickly and effectively, the collection of PDF manuals and tips are provided in my first comment of this product.

For who cannot access Google Drive, please find these resources in the thread or PM me.

Dashboard The DIBS Method is an intuitive and handy graphic tool to help you to:

  • Have 28 pairs under control with one dashboard.
  • Monitor all 28 pairs and provide trading signals based on the Inside Bar Trading rules (see screenshot 1, 2, 3, and 4).
  • Manage order automatically once signal are generated.
  • Monitor your positions easily with one glance to know status of all trading pairs.

Entry Rules

  • P2: Mother Bar
  • P1: Inside Bar

Refer to screenshot 1, 2, 3, and 4

Make sure completing the following action items to make this dashboard working.

Important Action Items before Using Dashboard

  1. Download historical data of all 28 pairs. Use this free tool to download historical data by simple one-drag, link.
  2. Make sure you have all 28 symbols in Symbol window.
  3. To make your dashboard looks clear and neat, it’s better to apply the black template. Please refer to screenshot 5.

Input Parameters

  • Use AutoTrade
  • Send Alert upon Signal
  • Send Notification upon Signal
  • Single pair Take Profit in pips
  • Single pair Stop Loss in pips
  • Offset for Starting Hour: starting hour for day trend signal
    • Example: day chart stars at GMT5, offset=1 (default 0), then Dashboard generates day trend on starting hour GMT6 (5+1)
  • Time-frame of Trading Candle
  • Mother Bar Candle Size Ceiling Limit
  • Mother Bar Candle Size floor Limit
  • Inside Bar Candle Size Ceiling Limit
  • Inside Bar Candle Size floor Limit
  • Take-profit Multiplier over Stop-loss
  • Magic Number
  • Lot Size:
  • Basket Take Profit in $
  • Basket Stop Loss in $
  • Max Spread
  • Trading Session, if time is out of session, no order will be sent
    • Close all trades after session(s)
  • Note that: starting and ending time is your computer/local time, not server time
  • Session Input, please refer to other dashboard product description (Dashboard Super Currency Strength)
  • Time-Frame of new chart
  • Suffix
  • Prefix
  • X_axis
  • Y_axis

Dashboard Objects

Please refer to screenshot 6 to 10

  1. Pair Tick Button
    • Black->de-active
    • Yellow->active
  2. Pair Symbol Button:
    • Click on button to open a corresponding new window chart
  3. Spread column: show current spread of each pair.
  4. Day Trend Status Panel
    • Current price>day open, up day trend: panel green
    • Current price<day open, down day trend: panel red
  5. Mother Bar Size Status Panel
    • P2 floor limit < Bar Size < P2 ceiling limit, p2_size criteria met: panel orange
    • Otherwise, p2_size criteria not met: panel white
  6. Inside Bar Size Status Panel
    • P1 floor limit < Bar Size < P1 ceiling limit and inside bar is inside mother bar, p1_size criteria met, panel orange
    • Otherwise, p1_size criteria not met, panel white
  7. Price Breakout Status Panel
    • Price up crosses inside bar high, buy signal: panel green
    • Price down crosses inside bar low, buy signal: panel red
    • Otherwise, no signal: panel white
  8. For the rest objects description, please refer to other Dashboard product description (Dashboard Super Currency Strength), they are the same.

If you have any customized request and/or suggestion, please feedback to me.

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