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Theorem EA Analyzes the market and auto determines the entry levels based on the finding of price fluctuations in quiet periods.

The direction of the trade is determined by the EA's clever adaptive system.

The most powerful part of the EA is the Smart Auto-Close function that has been developed after many years of market experience, it tracks TP/SL breakouts of the open trades and auto-closes them according to market conditions, this means that the TP/SL levels are dynamic and not static.

Above this unique feature, the EA has as well its static Stop Loss wich is an extra precaution above the SmartClose feature.

The unique clever way the EA auto-manages your trades cuts drawdowns to the minimum enabling you to start with a low balance like $50.

The EA has a minimum set of inputs for simplicity.


The default EA settings are for EURCHF M5

Contact me to obtain SET files for other pairs for free

For more Information visit our Blog https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/683154


  • MagicNumber - Trades ID
  • Trade Comment - A comment for each trade
  • MaxSlippage - maximum allowed price slippage
  • MaxSpread - Maximum spread to allow trades
  • AggressiveMode - False "the smartclose will close loosing trades as extra precaution"
    True "Smartclose feature will close winning trades" defined as Aggressive mode
  • Enable_Buy - Enable long trades
  • Algo1 - Algorithm 1 for long direction
  • Filter1 - Filter used to allow long trades
  • Enable_Sell - Enable short trades
  • Algo2 - Algorithm 2 for short direction
  • Filter2 - Filter 2 used to allow short trades
  • MoneyManagement - Use money management or fixed lot size
  • BalancePercentage - Risk percentage of your balance when using Money Management
  • FixedLotSize - Use fixed lot size
  • TakeProfitBuy - Take profit for Long trades
  • StopLossBuy - Stop loss for long direction
  • TakeProfitSell - Take profit for short trades
  • StopLossSell - Stop loss for short direction
  • TrailingStart - Trailing distance
  • TrailingStep - Trailing step
  • SmartAutoClose_Buy - Enables the smart AutoClose "Unique feature" for long trades
  • Algo3 - Algorithm 3 used for smart autoclose
  • Filter3 - Filter 3 used for smart autoclose
  • SmartAutoClose_Sell - Enables the smart AutoClose "Unique feature" for short trades
  • Algo4 - Algorithm 4 used for smart autoclose
  • Filter4 - Filter 4 used for smart autoclose
  • AutoGmt - computer time should be GMT UTC for this to work properly
  • ManualGmtOffset - Set the GMTOffset of your broker manually if AutoGMT is not used
  • StartHour - Time to start trading
  • StartMinute - Minute to start trading
  • StopHour - Hour to stop trading
  • StopMinute - Minute to stop trading
  • EnableGui - Show information on chart

For any questions private message me

FXPetrOFF 2018.07.20 08:39 

Купил, мусор.

appdroidmega 2018.07.06 18:56 

I bought this robot almost 2 years ago, does not work, few open orders low gains and big losses.

Take 2017.11.08 13:56 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Peikai Lee
Peikai Lee 2017.08.22 09:20 



Zekai1983 2017.06.13 02:57 

EA basically didn't traded at all for 2 weeks after rent.

Xu Wuguo
Xu Wuguo 2017.04.21 09:16 


Hello, I've just been on loan for a month. Do not know when the EA transaction? Is there something wrong with my settings? Please reply to me. Thank you

Aaron Chen Li
Aaron Chen Li 2017.04.19 13:57 

I intended to wait for about 2 months before I leave comments here: This is a good EA in general. David has been very supportive about any question also.

EURCHF 5M performs better then other pairs.

Keep up your work David!

Svyatoslav Gorokhov
Svyatoslav Gorokhov 2017.03.28 22:08 

Excellent adviser! I recommend to all! you will not regret!

qeialbs 2017.03.20 09:25 

Great Expert, EURCHF 5min setting. I'm really happy. David is impressive, but remember that even a Expert will care, if you want to be prifittable, check setting when the Market change and if a big warning is in the air, stop the expert for one day :)

Weifeng Zhu
Weifeng Zhu 2017.03.10 15:54 

Author provide many set files in his blog, in my opinion the default setting is the best one, other many pairs may should need more times to prove. However, i strongly recommend use David's product, he is a very responsible man, i have more then half year communicates with the author, every time i've got any question he always respond me in first time. And he keep improve the products all the time, i think this is the most important quality that this markets lack of .

2016.12.12 07:36 I've backtest this EA last whole week, by many repeating testing, it's proved it can make huge profit and low risk. well, i really think this is an amazing product, that's why i used it today.

Frank B
Frank B 2017.03.10 14:46 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Boris Sedlar
Boris Sedlar 2017.03.10 12:07 

most boring EA .... run 1-2 trade per week and w8 long time for closing. Long TP or SL. If cost 10 per month ok, but 100? NO !!

Hsin Cheng Pao
Hsin Cheng Pao 2017.03.08 03:41 




woody841 2017.03.06 01:21 

Great results on the EURCHF pair. Using a low spread ecn broker. Guessing the reviews below were not

Jiarui Liu
Jiarui Liu 2017.03.03 13:03 

I rented this ea for a month and only make one trade and it's loss!!

RK99 2017.03.02 08:14 

I rented this ea for a month and it only make few trades and most of it is losses, it doesn't really match the BT much. Perhaps it's not my luck to use this ea and 2 stars is for the developer effort and his service. I wish the ea could be more consistent. I'm using the ea on IC Markets ECN & FBS Zero spread. For those who success with this ea keep it up and for those who like to try this ea i wish you all the best and good luck.

proftoe 2017.02.18 15:29 

This is the best expert I know. I've used a lot of popular EA and it's really the best! It trades almost everytime with good profit! I've earn 500$ this week with Theorem! I advise it who wants to increase deposit fast! Only one advice-you should control Theorem when it's trading to avoid undesirable stop loss. Thank you David!

Valeriy Kupinskyy
Valeriy Kupinskyy 2017.02.16 16:11   

ZERO ! 0 ! За месяц аренды было всего 6-7 сделок на рекомендованных парах EUR/CHF M5 & M1, USD/CHF M5,прибыльность в небольшом минусе до последнего дня, а вот сегодня, в последний день аренды, спокойненько так СЛИЛ 1001.23 USD !!! Причем, одна особенность!- если сразу после открытия ордера пошел *плюс*-он не реагирует и не закрывается, потом в *минусе* ждет + и закрывается чаще в *0* или с маленьким плюсом хотя ордер уверено продолжает двигаться в *плюс*,т.е. тупо теряет профит! Так было до обновления, после обновления перестал ждать *0* или *плюс* и просто закрывался возможно по времени в глубоком *минусе*! Ну и сегодня *фонтан*- на паре USD/CHF спокойненько так себе *слил* на прощание 1001.23 баков ! Получается, что абсолютно бесплатный Generic гораздо лучше этого, вот так то ребята !

Nashrul Ahmad
Nashrul Ahmad 2017.02.13 11:18 

Great EA & great support from the author.

Less than a month of usage and with risk set at 5%, the EA already profitted more than 10% of account balance.

Overall satisfied with the EA, especially with the smartclose features. Perhaps an improvement would be to detect High News (like Gegatrade) when the EA is set to trade 24hrs.

Pupong Suebwonglee
Pupong Suebwonglee 2017.02.08 16:04 

After renting this EA for a month, I personally have an outstanding result and would highly recommend this EA to anyone who would want a safe yet profitable EA, it may not trade very frequently, but every trade is profitable. Hence, I have just decide to purchase this EA today.

Furthermore, the good thing about this product is not just its performance, but also its author dedication to make each and everyone of his customer satisfied. David is probably the most responsive author that I have purchased from, most of the time my message get replied within few minutes.

Summary: Outstanding product with outstanding service

Boris Tacyniak
Boris Tacyniak 2017.02.06 13:13 

Good EA, and really good support!

Take care of high Spread and use a VPS.

jianototi 2017.02.02 15:58 

to be honest I was little afraid using the Theorem due to some, technical issues. I trusted David words, and I used it on my real account(500 USD)not big one for sure. after 2 calm days, and spread fixes voila the Profits appeared :) not too much but positive and am using David recommended Settings,,, not the Aggressive for sure. good work Dude.. keep the good work

Hossam Ahmed
Hossam Ahmed 2017.02.02 13:55 

One of the best developers here ... i tried gega trade pro and almost all his products ... he knows how to get it on the right way ... i got theroem too and m trying it now .. although i am sure it will be excellent .. i will try it for two or three months and will put the results here

David : congratualtions for us 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

Update as i promise :

January was amazing : profit more than 26% with 4% drawdown ...

wait me at the end of february

Marzipano 2017.02.01 15:36 

5 stars

highly recommended

great support!!!

hammiebal 2017.01.31 07:47 

Great support! David is always very helpful. Ill trade only EURCHF for the moment. Made a nice profit over the last month

Guido Boesen
Guido Boesen 2017.01.28 10:34 

David Zouein ist ein vertrauenswürdiger Verkäufer und sehr hilfsbereit.

Ich freue mich mit seinen EAs zu arbeiten.

Vielen Dank, tanks from Germany!

Stefan Marjoram
Stefan Marjoram 2017.01.27 01:19 

Initial results are the best I have seen from any EA, made some adjustments with trading time on EURCHF if you follow his broker advice / use a decent broker this EA will not dissapoint.

Yves Murundelger
Yves Murundelger 2017.01.26 12:58 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

PWI 2017.01.17 21:08 

very good support, great EA!

Albert Kuipers
Albert Kuipers 2017.01.16 18:32 


This is one of the best EA's there is. my account 100% up in 19 trades.... THANKS DAVID...;-)

Frederic Fachard
Frederic Fachard 2017.01.06 19:30 

I bought this EA 2016/12/05.

I run it on real account of 1K balance on 5 pairs.

The first trade was on december 9th

It's now +$70,17

Best trade : +$8,98

Worst Trade : -$0,42

Number of trades : 16

Please take into account that I paused my trading between 2016 december 24th till 2017 january 4th

For now, it's a 5 stars !!!

Guillermo Bilbao
Guillermo Bilbao 2017.01.06 18:42 

The EA works very well and David is very helpful. I'm very satisfied

huntnfish13 2017.01.05 18:19 

You will NOT find a moer friendly, helpful, understanding developer on here. David has more than gone out of his way to help me. I have screwed up the settings many times and he has fixed everytime without complaining. I have known David a few weeks and would already consider him a friend. He is NOT developing and selling his EA to make a living. He does this as a hobby and because he truly enjoys helping people and wants to help them be financially free. I tried to purchase a second EA from him immediately and he told me NO NOT YET JIMMY BE PATIENT AND GROW YOUR BALANCE WITH THIS EA FIRST....not many people in the sales industry would do that. Purcahse, follow his instructions exactly, and you will be very happy. The guy is literally availble to help you 24 hours a day I do not think he sleeps. I would give him 100 stars if I could.

KHyuga 2017.01.05 16:53 

Decent results so far. Will continue to monitor. Thanks.

ajmclen 2017.01.05 14:33 

very satisfied with the EA, can easily pay itself very soon, very satisfied with David, he is honest and do the best to help you!

five stars..

Nshan Teknedzhyan
Nshan Teknedzhyan 2016.12.25 20:23 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Krystof Walter
Krystof Walter 2016.12.23 16:21 

Very smart EA that generates good profit. This EA knows where and when to open trades.

A little bit expensive but it pays itself after a few days :)

Would definitely give you some stats after a week.

Umut Savas Zeren
Umut Savas Zeren 2016.12.14 19:33 


I bought Gegatrade 3-4 months ago, i'm using it with 80 K balance... begin lot size 0.05, sometimes agressive lots... it's better for me... then i bought theorem, i'm using it for 5 days and it open 5 order and all of positive... with gegatrade they will be good team...


Folasade Aluko
Folasade Aluko 2016.12.05 23:50 

I admire David's passion for what he does. It easily makes him a winner... ALWAYS.

Version 6.0 2017.03.09
Added News Filter
Added all past news history in the EA since 2016
Added Time Distance Filter
Upgraded the Algorithms
For detailed information visit the Blog https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/683154
Version 5.0 2017.02.01
Adapting to high spread brokers
Fixed Trailing
Version 4.0 2017.01.23
Fixed money management calculation
Added trailing step and stop
Added delay trading after market open
Improved the algorithm to adapt to higher spreads
All signals missed are written in your log with the reason they have not been taken
Version 3.0 2017.01.13
Added FIFO Compliance for USA accounts
Low Leverage can run Theorem

Added Trade Friday function

Optimized Trailing Use