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EA Gold Stuff

EA Gold Stuff is an Expert Advisor designed specifically for trading gold. The operation is based on opening orders using the Gold Stuff indicator, thus the EA works according to the "Trend Follow" strategy, which means following the trend.

Real-time results can be viewed here.

Telegram group here telegram channel here


  • Open new series - on / off beginning of a new series of orders.
  • Start lots - start lot.
  • Trade Buy - allow the adviser to buy.
  • Trade Sell - allow the adviser to sell.
  • Use hedge - allow the adviser to trade both direction buy and sell. If off only one trade direction.
  • Use Money Management - on / off use of automatic lot calculation.
  • Autolot. Free margin for each 0.01 lot - the amount of free margin for opening every 0.01 lots.
  • Lot miltiplier - lot multiplier for the following orders.
  • TP - take profit, in pips.
  • SL - stop loss, in pips from the first order.
  • Grid Step - distance between orders.
  • Trail Start - activation of a trailing stop.
  • Trail Step - distance from the price when activating a trailing stop.
  • DD Reduction Algoritm - drawdown reduction algorithm it when last order with profit will be close with first order series with loss.
  • Number order for DD Reduction Algoritm -  from which order the drawdown reduction algorithm is activated.
  • Percent profit for DD Reduction Algoritm - percentage of profit when closing orders in the drawdown reduction mode.
  • Magic - is a special number that the EA assigns to its orders.
  • Start, End hour - time for opening the first order.
  • Maximum Lot - maximum lot.
  • Maximum spread - the maximum spread for the adviser.

Reviews 71
ivanfxph 2020.09.26 05:11 

I love this EA! I'm giving 10 Star with it! this is futuristic! Awesome Job!!!

Baker87 2020.09.26 01:08 

Very reliable and profitable, I believe it's the best of all EAs. Love it and it's author Mr. Vasiliy is just a very amazing person. 5 stars to the EA ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Serafin Perez
Serafin Perez 2020.09.25 20:12 

This is the best ea on the market that is available at the moment.

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ivanfxph 2020.09.26 05:11 

I love this EA! I'm giving 10 Star with it! this is futuristic! Awesome Job!!!

Baker87 2020.09.26 01:08 

Very reliable and profitable, I believe it's the best of all EAs. Love it and it's author Mr. Vasiliy is just a very amazing person. 5 stars to the EA ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Serafin Perez
Serafin Perez 2020.09.25 20:12 

This is the best ea on the market that is available at the moment.

faridob27 2020.09.25 15:58 

Very intelligent EA, i have been using it for a couple of days on a Live account and im very happy with the results. It actually paid itself back faster than i could have earned the profits by myself. so massive respect to Mr. Strukov for making such a must have gadget in your MT4 environment. Im looking forward on purchasing more of his productions with the profits its making. Thank you very much, i would of given 10 stars but they're boycotting.

PHILLIP GRAHAM HEWARD 2020.09.25 08:30 

1st class robot as always. dont be greedy and follow the group advice and it will make buckets of money

radi0active 2020.09.25 06:40 

Amazing EA works well on recommended timeframe and lower ones too + excellent support from author too in his telegram.

mekengren 2020.09.25 05:28 

Nice EA with great potential! Strongly recommending it!

Yusakk89 2020.09.25 02:58 

Another fantastic EA from Vasily Strukov. Easy to use, great support via Telebgram - 5 star recommendation.EXCELLENT!!!, incredible logic, definitely a-must-have

Amjad Shoukat
Amjad Shoukat 2020.09.24 18:48 

EA is great and profitable, i like it overall.

phass 2020.09.24 16:09 

The GoldStuff is a profitable EA.

Harry Ward
Harry Ward 2020.09.24 11:52 

This is a good EA to use, i HIGHLY recommend reading all advice before putting it on a live account as I almost lost my whole account playing with way too high lot sizes.

Ardjuna 2020.09.24 06:43 

hi...Vasiliy.....This Gold Stuff is my families' favorite EA...,no doubt for its strategy. I have compared with other EAs but I cant find the right one for my family but this Gold Stuff. The Author has an excellent strategy which might be beyond your imaginations. I do have more than 5 Gold Stuff Ea presented to my family members, they all like it so much because all of them gain profit as they expected, we all thanks to Vasiliy as a genius author of this Gold Stuff Ea for his excellent job.... "5 START "....

metadilshod 2020.09.23 20:05 

Good EA I have been back tested and I got very nice results. I'm going to now to real account. I liked EA Gold stuff logic.

Derek Sleater
Derek Sleater 2020.09.23 18:12 

Amazing EA, great results, thanks for the hard work, your changing peoples lives!

rvstrade 2020.09.23 16:38 

Purchased the Gold Stuff EA. after good results in the demo, I started with a 1000 euro account and the profit after 2 weeks in great. I use M5 and multiplier 1.15 as settings.

jangrub 2020.09.23 07:10 

Great EA I really like it. Plus the telegram group is very helpful! A must-have!

chao1981 2020.09.23 07:07 

very nice EA and exellent support! thanks

sssrrr 2020.09.23 06:56   

Mr. Strukov is just a wonderful man

Tif Cheong
Tif Cheong 2020.09.23 06:55 

Just subscribe my first EA, and got my first night profits $30 while I'm asleep! Author is friendly and replying every message.

Enz0_77 2020.09.22 21:15 

First dabble into the world of EA's. Really regret not trying sooner. Spent hours reading/watching Youtube videos and trying to formulate a unique strategy only to struggle with the 1000's of indicators and possible settings. This EA works right-out-the-box on default settings. Already paid for itself and VPS day #2. What is not to like. Bought this after reading the 5 star reviews! Happy to add mine. First class product, and great support from Vasiliy. I wouldn't hesitate.

Ewald Wefringhaus
Ewald Wefringhaus 2020.09.22 12:26 

My first EA from Vasiliy and it works fantastic. I was noisy if an EA with so good feedbacks and low price can realy earn money. But Vasiliy made a great job. I earn safe money in a short time. Safe and sure. It´s a must have for Trades. Ist´s easy to use and you can modify it for other pairs.

philippe germain
philippe germain 2020.09.21 12:20 

I rent it this morning. 5 hours after MARGIN CALL on my real 1000 usd account ! trading with 0.01 lots and default settings just on XAU /USD.Stupid grid martingale.TF 1mn. Testing it without martingale seems better.

alphandomega2020 2020.09.21 10:41 

Just bought the subscription. Been following Strukov' s EAs for a long time. First Purchase. Great results Ahead...!!!

Kwok Kam Kau
Kwok Kam Kau 2020.09.20 13:12 

Excellent EA again. Excellent Customer Service from Vasily.

eric1998 2020.09.19 22:46 

Another fantastic EA from Vasily Strukov. Easy to use, great support via Telebgram Vasiliy i apreciate your work !

mscrashed 2020.09.19 16:40 

got yesterday and started trading straight away and I am already in the plus. amazing. Thank you.

Daniel Gruber
Daniel Gruber 2020.09.19 11:03 

It makes good profits but the issue is the large drawdowns that you have, they will wipe out all positive trades for the whole day making no real money.

forexautom 2020.09.19 10:55 

In the wake of the excellent personal results obtained with the previous Strukov expert I decided to buy this too. The backtests have been very promising but above all they are excellent the results obtained by some members of the fantastic Telegram group that Vasiliy has created. I highly recommend it.

Andrzej Banowicz
Andrzej Banowicz 2020.09.18 22:20 

It's a great profitable EA! with low Drawdown.

leomattos 2020.09.18 17:36   

Hello. I activated EA Gold Stuff on several computers without knowing that there was a limit for 6 machines. I activated it only for testing. What should I do? 6 machines perfectly meets my need. I didn't know that limit. I did small tests on demo accounts. and my renovation is near. It doesn't make sense for me to buy again just to install on one or two more machines. I'm currently only using it on a real account. When I went to install on the second real account it didn't work anymore.

Rakesh007 2020.09.18 17:33 

EA Gold Stuff works every good for Gold. Just use the default setting, have a good deposit en let the robot do its job. Let it run 24/7 on a good pc. You don't have to do anything. Great job, Vasiliy, Thank you.

shaik.mohasin 2020.09.18 12:28 

Vasiliy, One of the finest author. I recently bought Gold Stuff and this an amazing EA. The Author always support well all his clients through telegram channel and group. I give high five stars rating here..

djtickle 2020.09.18 11:34   

Excellent EA and support is amazing!

jalil216 2020.09.16 07:25 

started yesterday and started trading straight away I had a lot of reservations but I could not believe it how well it works and I am already up

mrhoga 2020.09.13 10:30 

Very good EA but you should observe the overall trend to be successful. Fortunately the author posts a daily recommendation on his telegram channel. Thumbs up for the great support!

Juwei 2020.09.12 21:46 

This EA is very good if you know what you are doing! First time I tried an EA on a Demo account, I almost doubled the balance within a few days (3k to 5.2k in 3 days!!). But what I've learned: that was just luck in an optimal market situation! DON'T TRY THAT ON YOUR REAL ACCOUNT UNLESS YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING - THE RISK IS TOO HIGH TO LOOSE EVERYTHING! Why am I telling this in here? Because after the huge success on the Demo Account I let it run on my REAL Account... And guess what? It took only a few hours for a margin call because the market changed in a very unexpected and heavy way against the EA (the EA opened short positions, tried to compensate with another short position and so on - but GOLD raised and raised until MC)! After asking for help in the telegram group I got some nice configuration tipps with a less risky setup - and now it works on a very low budget account (< $100 left). It is possible on low accounts, but you need to switch your mind from greedyness to a good risk management! So, I really can recommend the EAs from Strukov (owning also the EA Idea Pro), but don't expect to just activate it and make huge profits without risk!

omori333 2020.09.12 06:13 

Great EA Love it !

smirnovdg 2020.09.11 14:57 

Торгую активно сырьем, это всегда было слабое место у поставщиков на маркете, в основом пишут по мажорам ботов. Василий написал очень дельный индикатор ГОЛД СТАФФ, понятно что после этого написать по нему советника для такого мощного поставщика, как Василий, - это дело техники. Советник очень достойный, стоит своих денег , всем рекомендую, торгую на реальном депо с самого выхода проги в маркет, очень доволен. Автору спасибо.

Bernhard Gerhard
Bernhard Gerhard 2020.09.11 07:25 

I bought this ingenious EA because I specifically want to trade with XAUUSD. What can I say? I got the investment back on the first day and increased it tenfold within a week. Like every EA, it needs monitoring and manual intervention. So be careful when trading gold. After IPG and AV this is already the third EA from this developer and all 3 are very good. Likewise the Signals Goldstuff and Peace.

np55925 2020.09.11 02:03 

This is really a great EA! 5 Star

Alcides Castillo
Alcides Castillo 2020.09.10 07:13 

Guys, you need this... 1000% Sure if you wanna do money... is your choice and future.. 100% Recommend with Nice and fast profits! Again, You're the best. Mr. Strukov! AMAZING!!!

schneeffm 2020.09.07 23:36 

I've bought and used Idea Pro Gold, Antivirus and Gold Stuff from Vasily Strukov. Each of these EA do a fantastic job and easily break even in the first month or even weeks with conservative settings. I've tested a lot of EA's and indicators in the past month and always lost money. Strukov's EA's are the first ones I make steady profit with. Big thanks Vasily for the fantastic job!

Marius Jung
Marius Jung 2020.09.07 20:40 

Totally hyped by this EA. Also bought the gold indicator - very nice and complete products together! 127€ profit on the first day with 1k invest. Thank you so much - of course, 5 stars.

robzam05 2020.09.07 14:38 

I've been testing this EA for 10 days now, and it is a truly gold miner EA. Vasiliy delivered an excellent product as always. This is my 4th EA from him, and is the best one, in my opinion. You do not have to move any settings, just use defaults settings and watch your account grow. However if you want to make it more aggressive or more safe, you can always tweak some parameters, and Vasiliy as always is there to help you in any concern or doubt about his EA. Now I'm just using his EAs, best from market, and best support by him, he is a very kind man. I recommend also you try his other EAs, specially Idea Gold Pro, and Antivirus, best of the best! Thank you Mr. Strukov.

Lj Criz
Lj Criz 2020.09.07 07:12 

This is really a great EA! I am using safe settings that makes 7% average daily. Drawdown is really low, 11% max DD so far.

Daniel Bailey
Daniel Bailey 2020.09.06 15:41 

This is the third EA I have bought from Vasiliy Strukov and it is the most profitable one yet. It is designed for Gold (XAUUSD). The input variables he uses are ingenious because the EA compensates for the sometimes huge price movements in gold by not opening the next order until there is a new price bar. So even if your distance input is say 200, it will ignore this until the next price bar. This is good because during huge price movements you will end up with fewer orders and less drawdown, but you will still participate in the big movement. Thank you for this, Vasiliy!

cupz 2020.09.05 07:25 

One of best EA from Vasilly with trend following mechanism, the result is very good with very low Drawdown. Just use default set and put it on 15M chart, you will see it's work amazingly. Thanks boss for your effort to create such wonderfull EA.. 5 stars always for all Vasily products..

RIZA DOEK 2020.09.03 08:42 

Excellent EA and Customer. Excellent Customer Service from Vasily. !!!

Kijanka 2020.09.03 08:14   

Excellent EA, when followed the trend correctly it can be an absolute killer. I'm using it on Gold and delighted with the results.

AntonimYs 2020.09.02 23:00 

За сутки 100% от депо...На данный момент это лучший советник из всех

fsiraguso0609 2020.09.02 19:36 

Great indicator! Really works!

v0xd3i 2020.09.02 09:05 

very good EA! you can also use it for other forex pairs. it places order based on trend so it best to use it on higher time frame M15 and up.

KAM MUN CHAN 2020.09.01 15:06 

Once of the best EA so far among those that i have been used. Profitable EA can use on most of the pairs. 5 Stars

Murtada99 2020.08.31 21:27 

This is a good EA

WiWaWi 2020.08.31 15:22 

I have almost all of Vasiliy's EAs, but this one beats all others for me. I had to change the standard settings a bit. If I wanted an EA as a gift, it would be GS on MT5. ;-)

BBQGOIN 2020.08.30 11:46 

Good ea can trade with any pair👍

Siu Fung Francis Tam
Siu Fung Francis Tam 2020.08.29 10:21 

Hey! This is a good EA. I recover the money in one day! 5 stars!

shahou 2020.08.28 09:43 

My real account was lost 1000$ but start again m1 profit %20 one day

Mohamed_j 2020.08.28 06:10 

If your looking for the best EA for gold your at the right place don't look any further 5 Stars Deffently recommend it :)

junjaemin 2020.08.28 06:01 

It's a great EA! Others will be able to have a good mood and profit!

cicciucicciu 2020.08.27 21:20   

I just buyed! Top EA, and top Seller! Five Stars!

GTreX 2020.08.27 17:12 

1day on 1k cent real account already made 50% Increadible!!! Recommended!!!

touch_master 2020.08.27 14:48 

EA Gold Staff is the best Expert Advisor out there. Its the best work from author Vasiliy. He puts all best in this one EA! EA follows trend and opens trades. Because it follows trend direction there is very little Drawdown and very little use of grid levels. Im making very fast money with it ! Support from author Vasiliy is great, he is here always to help and answer questions ! I think that this is the best EA ever! You dont need to, but you can add indicator Gold staff so you can see trend direction clear and monitor it. Thank you Vasiliy !!!

h.horst 2020.08.27 14:45 

Another fantastic EA from Vasily Strukov. Easy to use, great support via Telebgram - 5 star recommendation.

Joe Mastro
Joe Mastro 2020.08.27 14:03 

Best products on mql, great back up from the developer, Always ready to help with any questions. 5 star again.

expedite 2020.08.27 07:23 

So far an amazing EA! It just works! Loving it...Highly RECOMMEND!!!

Jordi 2020.08.26 21:38 

Nice fast profits! Again, well done Mr. Strukov! PD1: With 1K equity, had profits to cover the cost of the EA more or less after the first 12 hours. Thank you, Vasiliy!!!! PD2: 445$ in less than 20 hours. Had some relevant DD that the EA handled well. AMAZING!!! Can I give 6 stars?

Shindyfd 2020.08.26 21:11 

Very good EA! Big profit with low Drawdown. Wow wow wow!

Muhunthan19 2020.08.26 19:58 

EA like no other. EXCELLENT!!!, incredible logic, definitely a-must-have

Norika.F 2020.08.26 17:19 

This EA is adjusted for Gold(XAU/USD) and the trend- following entry style. First new position is maked in the same direction so the position always follows the trend and it is like a sardine migrating in a flock in the sea. It's something I've been looking for for many years. Finally, I would like to thank the creators of this wonderful tool for providing it. Put it on the 15M chart. The EA has DD (draw down) management mechanism also, it works very well.

Fabian Kutsch
Fabian Kutsch 2020.08.26 16:40 

profitable Gold EA what you can use on any pair! 5 Stars