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About EA

This EA is designed to take advantage of price retracement. It enters a trade with minimum volume size when the price is exhausted and uses averaging with increase of volume when the market goes deeper into oversold/overbought zones.

There is no stop loss. Positions are only closed in profit.

To better yield with this EA, it is recommended to trade multi-currency pairs.

Input Parameters

  • Trade Direction - trading in a single or both direction;
  • Entry Period - entry logic;
  • Spacing - distance to next trade to be open, specified in pips;
  • Averaging Near - sets how near the average price to current price, specified in pips;
  • Take Profit - take profit, specified in pips;
  • Use Hard TP - use Hard or Soft TP;
  • LotSize - the initial volume size.
Note: Take Profit is hidden.

Optimization Tips and Tricks

When Use Hard TP is true then the EA will take profit at that TP value. If it is set to false, the EA will try to find a good exit when the TP is more than or equal to the TP value.

Use a step of 12 for Entry Period (Recommended). EG: 12, 24, 36, etc.

About Myself

More than 15 years of programming experience.

More than 8 years of trading experience on Forex.

35-th position in the Automated Trading Championship 2012.

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No reviews
Version 1.22 2014.07.01
- Optimized code.
- New entry logic.
- Option to use Hard TP or Soft TP.
Version 1.15 2013.12.23
Bug fixes.
Version 1.14 2013.10.21
Able to trade in single direction.
- Long only
- Short only
- Long and Short

Specially made for fundamentals traders. Just in time for the USD wave.
Version 1.13 2013.10.14
After some extensive testing, I've decided to lock up the ability to trade selected timeframe.
Version 1.12 2013.10.10
Able to trade on selected timeframe. Recommend to trade on M5.