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Export Positions History V1 - script for MetaTrader 5

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2018.07.26 15:59
2020.01.24 10:09
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The script exports history of closed positions from MT5 retail hedging account selected between two dates. The resulting file is CSV that can be opened/imported with any spreadsheet software.

For version 2 of the script, please go to

It supports only retail hedging accounts (Forex).

To export the entire trading history, keep Start date and End date at their default values.

The CSV file is located at: Terminal > File > Open data folder > MQL5\Files\<Filename>

The CSV file will be auto-opened with the associated Windows program (e.g., Microsoft Excel or Ron's CSV Editor).

Following data columns are exported:

  • Open Time
  • Ticket: this is the position ID
  • Type
  • Volume
  • Symbol
  • Open Price
  • S/L
  • T/P
  • Close Time
  • Close Price
  • Commission
  • Swap
  • Profit
  • Profit Points
  • Magic Number
  • Duration, this includes duration of the position expressed in (hh:mm:ss) format
  • Open Reason, this includes reason of opening the position (client, mobile, web, expert)
  • Close Reason, this includes reason of closing the position (client, mobile, web, expert, sl, tp, so, ...)
  • Open Comment, this includes comment of the deal in for position
  • Close Comment, this includes comments of all the deals out for position
  • Deal In Ticket, this includes ticket of the deal in for position
  • Deal Out Tickets, this includes tickets of all the deals out for position

The closed positions are reconstructed in the same representation as in the History tab of the MetaTrader 5 terminal.

The CSV file can be opened with Microsoft Excel or better with  Ron's CSV Editor.

Price Zone Oscillator - Floating Levels Smoothed Price Zone Oscillator - Floating Levels Smoothed

In order to filter out some of the signals of the Price Zone Oscillator - Floating Levels indicator, smoothing is added to this version.

Price Zone Oscillator - Smoothed Price Zone Oscillator - Smoothed

This version of Price Zone Oscillator is an attempt to solve the "too fast" slope issue of the original indicator.

Range Oscillator - Smoothed Range Oscillator - Smoothed

This version of Range Oscillator has smoothing option in order to avoid some false signals.

Range Oscillator + Bands (Smoothed) Range Oscillator + Bands (Smoothed)

This version is the smoothed version of the original Range Oscillator + Bands indicator. Smoothing is cleaning up some false signals and, since the smoothing method is JMA (which has very small lag) the added lag is as small as it can be making it much easier to use in a lot of decision situations.