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Indicators: FFC - Forex Factory Calendar - page 8

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Nicolas Zouein
Nicolas Zouein  

Hi Guys,

for me this indicator work perfectly, really good coded.

Now i try to make a advanced call, but i not see the misstake or better  i not fully understand the call function and need little bit help.

First time for me to work with iCustom call function.

The Function ist simply, the EA not open a trade before and can open trade after impacts.

I make extern boolean in my EA:







MinsBeforeNews=1440;     // Not open New Trade Before

MinsAfterNews=60;          // if signal, can Open New Trade After

also i set the Buffer == 4 for Holidays in the Indicator FFC.mql4 in the section "Impact to Numbers"!  not sure that works, but i want make it easy to call Holiday and give impact number 4

and i renamed the indicator for my work in "Ultimate news Filter 1.0"

ok and here the latest code of me. Sure i try many options, but something wrong in the code/call.

I hope somebody read this and can help me, please please please please!

Beste Regards


Your calc for the "MinsAfterNews" is wrong !!

How is it possible to calculate the "MinsAfterNews" the way you did it??? this is impossible because the moment that the event_1 happens it means that the indicator will return time_1 as 0 and after that it will start giving out time_2 for the next event_2 meanwhile you are still trying to take numbers from the indicator to calculte the "MinsAfterNews" for event_1 which already happened in the past and there are no more values coming for it.

You should look this way: extern int     EventDisplay      = 10;                   // Hide event after (in minutes)

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