All about Calendar tab and Macro Economic Events.


For traders

MT5 user interface

  • If you can't view the calendar tab, probably it's a choice a your broker :

This tab may be missing if the economic calendar is disabled on a trade server.


For developers

  • A good demonstration about using calendar economic events from code.
  • Documentation about object use by Calendar (See OBJ_EVENT).

  • Calendar - script for MetaTrader 5for developers
User Interface - Getting Started - MetaTrader 5
User Interface - Getting Started - MetaTrader 5
The platform interface provides access to all the necessary tools for trading in the financial markets. It includes various menus, toolbars, and service windows. Main Menu The main menu contains almost all commands and functions that can be executed in the trading platform. It provides access to operations with charts, analytical tools...

From this comment, newdigital, provide a good list of possible improvements for calendar/news :

  • can not sort the news events by high priority/ low priority and medium priority
  • can not define the events by priority
  • can not sort them by pairs
  • can not see USD only, or EUR only for example
  • can not estimate the priority by myself
  • can not see horizontal lines on the chart where news events will be happened
  • can not see the discription of those lines
  • can not see the time of my broker compare with GMT time
  • can not trade the news events by good public EA (on the same way as I can do it for MT4 for example)
  • visualization ... i am sorry but it is nothing with MT5 for now about what the trader can expect

If you have some others ideas, you can post to this topic.


How to delete and disable Calendar Events ?


How to disable Calendar Events from Charts ?


How to export Calendar Events ?


How to show only selected Calendar Events on a chart ?


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MQL and news in the terminal

Renat Fatkhullin, 2017.03.16 23:10

We will incorporate new realtime economic calendar soon with minimal latency and with access from MQL5. First, we open the calendar on, and then only we will incorporate it (our own development, calendar updates with millisecond latency) in MT5 terminal.

It is too early to do with the news so. Because the usage of the news does not make sense without minimal latency.

Great news!!!.  I'm desiring MT5 implementation. Thanks.

Add the new Economic Calendar widget to your website for free! 

To receive the widget, go to the economic calendar page on and click on the "Add widget to your website" link. Specify the desired width and height of the calendar widget for your site, select the default period of featured events (current day or current week), copy the generated code and insert it to your web page. In the Preview section, you can see how the calendar will be displayed on your site.


10 reasons to set up a professional economic calendar from MetaQuotes

Monitoring of macroeconomic events is available for free in 7 languages with no ads. However, this is not the only reason our calendar will attract your audience — you have another 10 extra reasons to add it in your website: