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MS Excel: Data Exchange and Management - script for MetaTrader 4

2008.06.03 09:59
2014.04.21 14:52
mt4excel.dll (72.5 KB)
shablon1.mq4 (6.36 KB) view

mt4excel.dll is a library written in Delphi. At calling the DLL, the COM library is initialized.

Before using it, you should call one of the following functions: ExcelOpen or ExcelOpenPattern, or ExcelOpenFile.

At calling, an OLE object is created, MS Excel is opened, a new book and page are created by template or an existing Excel file is opened (depending on the function). Function ExcelClose will close MS Excel and free the OLE object.

You can write and read in either a separate cell: ExcelSetFormulaCell, ExcelSetValueCell, ExcelSetTextCell, ExcelGetValueCell, ExcelGetTextCell, ExcelGetFormulaCell, or in a range previously memorized with function ExcelSetRange, then using ExcelSetFormula, for example, or other functions requiring a range to be set.

There is a number of auxiliary functions to manage displaying, format information, etc. You can find more details about them in the comments on the example.

Use function ExcelSetDiagramma to create a diagram.

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Original code:

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