A2SR Reader - Expert ✔️

A2SR Reader - Expert ✔️

31 July 2020, 22:17
Yohana Parmi

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Update version 3.21
A2SR Reader is now compatible with FIFO rules
Only those of you who use FIFO rules need update to version 3.21

Complete description, please read at 


A2SR Reader
Only for those of you who are seriously thinking about the future safely. 


Only suitable for:

¹ People who believe in forex will not be able to make them rich quick, 

² People who have patience and can accept if today or tomorrow there is no trading position,

³ People who prioritize accuracy rather than many positions,

 People who are more concerned with security in capital than just a profit,

 People who put in capital for business, not for gambling.

 People who can understand that securely earning 5-20% net monthly income from forex :
 - is enough.

Still have expectations of getting huge monthly profits from forex easily?
- - then this EA is not suitable for you :') 

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* Forward test performance during initial development.
 - A2SR Reader  is only able to work correctly in the same chart with  A2SR.

✔️ The EA is able to read A2SR for automatic trading.
 - - This means that - this EA needs technical analysis A2SR to work together in the same chart.
 - - Product description at: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/50079#!tab=overview

  • At current version 3.16: 
    Still only covers about 35% of the features in A2SR
    expert - A2SR Reader will always be developed in the future.

  • A2SR Reader in various market conditions :

Note :
No one  can code all people's views completely of the market  into a single program.
* where perfection belongs only to God 

  • A2SR Reader - How to start :

Input Parameter 
version 3.16
    1  Suffix of currency pair : - Auto Select 
    EA will automatically choose suffix of currency pairs according to the currency pair on the chart where the EA is placed. 
    2  User enter a suffix :  empty If you want to enter a suffx: choose false number 1.
    eg. EURUSDm = enter with m | EURUSD.m = enter with .m
    3  Chart Background: file *.bmp  wall-A2SR-Reader-MT4 Select an image as chart background (enter file name without extension)
    4  Enable button: 
     Refresh data for all pairs
     true Full description at https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/5225#!tab=updates
    version 9.16
    5  Seconds in waiting MT4 receives
     complete data for each time frame
     5 MT4 takes time when receiving data from the broker's server
    6  Trading Direction  ALL: Buy & Sell If one day you know a direction, then you can choose the direction of Buy only, or Sell only.
    7  EA ID (Magic Number)  123 EA will manage all positions for data that has the same magic number that is filled in the EA 
    8  Max Slippage 
     3 Read further here 
    9  Select: Method for placing position  Open position
     with filling target
    EA opens a new position directly filled with the target.
    10  Use Push Notification  true true - if you want to receive push notifications on your mobile phone that have installed MT4.
    11  Send notification to email.  false true - if you want to receive notifications by email.
    12  Day of week : 
     1=Monday, 2=Tuesday, 3=Wed, 4=Thu, 5=Friday
     ;1;2;3;4;5; Working day for the EA
    13  Trading hours

      (server time)
      Trading on these techniques :
    by select true/false
    14  ¹ Reversal #A-B  true  Taking trade opportunity on step 1-2-3
    15  ² Reversal #C  false  (for next update) 
     Taking trade opportunity on step 1-2-3 ++
    16  - Currency Density  
     40  higher is better.
    17  - Market Density 
     800  higher is better.
    18  - ADJ/ADF protection in percentage  35 The first position of a reversal opportunity 
     will be taken at least 35% 
     before the price reaches ADJ/ADF
     - lower is better
    19  ³ Breakouts  true  taking trade opportunities on 
     several levels on price correction 
     till breakouts.
    20  ⁴ Aggressive mode  false  (for next update) More aggressive in taking trade opportunities
     21  Lot size  0.01  Default volume (lot size)
     22  Trade management based on money  true  for target and stops based on deposit currency
     23  Target money for total trades  0   0 = automatic depending on lot size.
     24  Stop-loss money for total trades  0  set 0 if preferred to use method: 
     - averaging and balancing of total positions for all pairs.
     25  Trade management based on pips  true  for target and stops based on pips
     26  Target pips for total trades  100  100 pips = 1000 points for total positions on all pairs
     27  Stop-loss pips for total trades  0  set 0 if preferred to use method:
    averaging and balancing total positions for all pairs. 
     28   Backup averaging positions for each pair  5  Sometimes market is naughty. 
     On heavy market - for each pair :
     - it is usually takes 3 positions to clearance the positions.
     29  Spread protection  true  to avoid positions too far from initial price
     * each pair has value for spread protection
     30  Method for closing positions  2nd position 
     for bigger profits.
     Select one of these methods in averaging technique :
     A: 2nd position ONLY for fastest closing positions.
     B: 2nd position for bigger profits.
       Averaging Additional Safety : -- >>  When you select :
     "A: 2nd position ONLY for fastest closing positions." 
     | option number 30
     31  Target: Pips for close positions faster on each pair  5   Close all positions when surplus 5 pips
     32  Target: Money  for close positions faster on each pair  1   Close all positions when surplus $1 : 
     - included commission and swap
     - (currency depending on your account)
     33  Use auto Stop-Profit (SP)  true  Make your psychological comfort
     34  SP range (pips)  17  Surplus in pips before stop-profit begins.
     35  Pips for placing SP  2  How many pips to set stop-profit
     36  Color for P/L in surplus  Light Green (clrLime)  -
     37  Color for P/L in floating  Red  -
     38  Currencies - Allow to trade  USD*EUR*JPY*GBP*
     separated by * between the currencies.
     Example : 
    if you don't want to trade GBP pairs 
     - because the risk of Brexit is ongoing
     - then just delete GBP in the option:
     39  EURUSD  true  trading for EURUSD
     40  - Target pips  35  target in pips
     41  - Max spread allowed  3  maximum spread for trade protection
     | see option number 29
     42  The next options 
     - will be the same for
     default true/false 
     is defined by
     the author and
     target= 35 pips,
     max spread= 3
    What if I only choose GBPUSD 
    - but don't trade for other GBP pairs ?

    Enter GBP in option number 38:

    Select true for GBPUSD in option number 42.
    and then select false for all any other GBP pairs.

    Chart background at :

    Although this EA has gone through rigorous testing 
    and demonstrated its success, 
    - but of course the risk still exists.

    Please always not to be overconfident.
    - get knowledge for all about money management.

    • Trading has risks.
      “ All businesses always have risks. ”

      -- The success rate of EA, also depends on:

      ¹ Stability of your computer/VPS
      ² + internet connection,
      ³ Broker conditions, rules & quality of the servers,
      ⁴ + your knowledge for all about money management.

       - Please do not buy an EA if you cannot accept the risk,
       - because you can still use your own strategy : manual trading.

     Fyi, I am often in uneasy situation with my work at the same time as a coderteacher, seller
    - -and also the most important thing is as a mommy :)
    * then that makes it difficult for me to quick reply to your message.

    So, for better service then I provide a support team 
     - to assist you in using A2SR Reader and also for all products
     - by email to

    We will assist you with all our best.

    Thank you,
    wish you all the best.

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