Trend Domination EA User Guide

Trend Domination EA User Guide

15 May 2018, 20:40

User Guide for Trend Domination EA.

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How to backtest Trend Domination EA:

Trend Domination EA has provided promising results in a series of backtests performed on the 10 years of data starting from 12-05-2008 to 10-05-2018. You can use the following SET files for each pair to perform the similar backtest. 

-> Download the EA SET files to perform the backtest.

Trading Strategy:

This EA incorporates a trend-following strategy that is specifically tested and developed for GBPJPY, GBPUSD and EURJPY on M30 Time Frame. Buy/Sell opportunities are provided by our custom built channel indicator.

After receiving the signal from our custom indicator, EA opens medium-term positions that can last between few hours to several days. Hence, the use of a VPS is highly recommended.

This trading strategy performs best when optimized at regular intervals. For our own trading, we've chosen the optimization window of 8 Months.The trading strategy was last optimized on 01-05-2018 so next optimization will be done on 01-05-2019". 

How to use Trend Domination EA for Live Trading: 

1. Choose your risk category:

We divided the risk into three categories:

  • 2% = Conservative
  • 4% = Moderate 
  • 6% = Aggressive

Max. drawdown tolerance for each category is different. Return On Investment(ROI) received from the market is inseparable from the risk. 

  • Conservative  : Max. Drawdown of 15-20%
  • Moderate       : Max. Drawdown of 20-25%
  • Aggressive      : Max. Drawdown of 25-30%

2.  Once you select the risk category, there are two ways to proceed ahead:

Download this remote accessing software and send us a message, I or someone from my staff will setup everything within 5 minutes. 


Do it yourself:

  • Download the Live Trading EA SET files attached at the bottom of this post. 
  • Open four M30 chart dedicated to each symbol. As we are trading GBPJPY, GBPUSD and EURJPY so there will be total 12 charts. 

Understanding the Risk category and market exposure:

Distribute the risk into 3 equal parts(because we are trading 3 pairs) and further distribute the risk into 4 equal parts (because there are 4 charts dedicated to each pair). 

If your risk category is 6% Aggressive:

  • Dividing 6 by 3 gives 2
  • Dividing 2 by 4 gives 0.5

Risk per trade for the Aggressive category is 0.5%

If your risk category is 4% Moderate:

  • Dividing 4 by 3 gives 1.33
  • Dividing 1.33 by 4 gives 0.33

Risk per trade for the Moderate category is 0.33%

If your risk category is 2% Conservative:

  • Dividing 2 by 3 gives 0.66
  • Dividing 0.66 by 4 gives 0.16

Risk per trade for the Conservative category is 0.16%

We will load the EA on each chart with their respective SET File and change the Risk Percentage per trade according to the above categorization. Since we are trading 3 pairs with their respective 4 different iterations, it is possible that a buy position and a sell position can co-exist together on the same pair. 

By following the above steps you've deployed a hedging mechanism that generally stabilize the returns and distribute the risk. 

To be continued..... 

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