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Smart Brain

Smart Brain passes the test from 2001 to the current day! The system works under any market circumstances and it is almost not afraid of the news! The system works without being tied to a GMT broker, it doesn’t care about the current time! I’ve been working on it for years, but before that I only managed to create the Just Marvel advisor (click to view this product)! Now we have a slightly different system that can trade around the clock! trades do not open every day! You must be patient, to understand the frequency of transactions, test the adviser in the strategy tester!

Smart Brain works on the USDCHF currency pair H1 timeframe! 

The price of Smart Brain will increase regularly! Now you have the opportunity to buy it at the lowest price!

 Rent will not be considered, because to evaluate the system takes more than one month, and if you consider renting, then at least half a year! Just do the testing and you will understand everything! Look at the test for the last 4 months and for the last 19 years! and you will understand that patience brings profit!

And of course, you must understand that there are no guarantees on the forex market! Therefore, asking the question: how much I can earn? - no one can make sense of this, time will tell!

Smart Brain works at opening prices! This allows you to avoid market noise! ​​Regarding stop loss and take profit, they are not fixed, it allows the system to work with different market models! And take a profit that is not set in the settings, but try to take the maximum, which is not just the market and of course this is not always possible with this system, since the market is not something simple and predictable! everything is very difficult!

Smart Brain works based on technical analysis of the market and certain models of the market, the exit point from the market can be a hidden transfer to breakeven or a signal to change the trend in the market!


minimum deposit of $ 300 (testing since 2001 was conducted with an initial deposit of $ 300)

enc broker with low spread


magic: magic number of orders (to distinguish between open orders not given by the advisor)

lots size: lot size

risk activite: enable automatic lot calculation

risk: risk size

minlot: minimum lot maxlot: maximum lot

maxspread: maximum spread allowed
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