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Ethereum is a fully automated Expert Advisor based on the principle of scalping. The system has highly customizable settings, which allows users to independently optimize Ethereum depending on your personal needs. The basic recommended set of settings is divided into 2 types:

  • Scalping at the close of the American trading session;
  • Scalping at the opening of the Pacific trading session.

Ethereum v.1.1 SET-files: Download >>>

Monitoring of Ethereumhttps://www.mql5.com/ru/signals/436803

Ethereum does not use dangerous trading methods, such as martingale, averaging, etc. All trades have fixed Take Profit and Stop Loss levels designed to protect your trading capital. In addition, the system features a set of filters designed to close the trades without reaching the Take Profit and Stop Loss levels.

Ethereum is protected by a system for trading during the high-impact news releases. To activate the news filter, allow WebRequest to the site: http://ec.forexprostools.com/

For best trading results, it is recommended to use ECN accounts with low spreads.

Most Relevant Parameters

  • Comment - trade comment;
  • Maximum Spread - maximum spread value (pips);
  • Slippage - maximum slippage value (pips);
  • Magic Number;
  • StopLoss - Stop Loss value (pips);
  • Virtual Stop Loss - True - activate virtual Stop Loss (hide the Stop Loss from the broker);
  • Money Management Type - type of money management:
    • Fixed Lot - fixed lot;
    • Percent of Loss - percent of loss from balance per order;
    • Percent of Balance - deposit load percentage.

Input parameters

  • CCI_Level - level of the CCI indicator;
  • CCI_Period - period of the CCI indicator;
  • CCI_TimeFrame - timeframe of the CCI indicator;
  • Use Fast CCI to open trades - True - activate the auxiliary (fast) CCI indicator;
  • CCI_Fast_Level - level of the auxiliary CCI indicator;
  • CCI_Fast_Period - period of the auxiliary CCI indicator;
  • CCI_Fast_TimeFrame - timeframe of the auxiliary CCI indicator;

Parameters for closing trades

  • Use ATR to calculate Take Profit - True - activate the ATR indicator for calculating Take Profit;
  • ATR_Period - period of the ATR indicator;
  • ATR_TimeFrame - timeframe of the ATR indicator;
  • Use CCI to close trades - True - use the CCI indicator for closing trades;
  • CCI_Close_Level - level of the CCI indicator for closing trades;
  • CCI_Close_Period - period of the CCI indicator for closing trades;
  • CCI_Close_TimeFrame - timeframe of the CCI indicator for closing trades;
  • Use Fast CCI to close trades - True - use additional (fast) CCI indicator for closing trades;
  • CCI_Fast_Close_Level - level of the additional CCI indicator;
  • CCI_Fast_Close_Period - period of the additional CCI indicator;
  • CCI_Fast_Close_TimeFrame - timeframe of the additional CCI indicator;
  • Enable Hard Exit - True - use a filter for scheduled force-closing of trades;
  • Hard Exit Time (Hour) - time for force-closing of trades (hours);
  • Minimal trade lifetime (Minutes) - the minimum life time of trades (minutes);
  • Breakeven Close Time - close trades in breakeven after N minutes.

Trading Schedule

  • StartHour - hour to start trading;
  • StartMinutes - minute to start trading;
  • StopHour - hour to stop trading;
  • StopMinutes - minute to stop trading.

News filter settings

  • News Filter - True - use the news filter;
  • GMT Winter TimeZone - broker's winter time zone;
  • Time Before News (Minutes) - minutes before a news release to pause trading;
  • Time After News (Minutes) - minutes after a news release to resume trading;
  • News Symbols - symbols for the news filter.
topsecret2102 2018.11.02 14:35 

I am using a lot of Ivan's systems. He is really honest, professional and responsive developer. Ivan always try to be at trend and his products really are very professional. I am using Ethereum nearly 4 month and I am very satisfied with the results.

Ethereum - is an apogee of his midnight systems. It's evolution of 3 systems: Peregrim, Macmy and EvoNight. If compare results of a last few month, you can see, that Ethereum more stable unlike another systems. It's more adapted for hard market conditions, which we could saw since the summer: when Peregrim and EvoNight had a losses, Ethereum was profitable.

Just 1 moment: i have bought it for $199 and now Ethereum is available by discounted price $99, so for new customers it's a very good chance. For loyal (as me) it isn't good, but I have already taken more profit, so it isn't a problem.

I rate Ethereum 5 stars and wait a new Ivan's products.

Daniel1017 2018.10.20 17:45 

Amazing Expert Advisor! Good work, Ivan!

Xuin Chgen
Xuin Chgen 2018.10.20 01:43 

So good, so far... Very good expert and very good price for it! Stable and safety results.

FANofM5 2018.10.19 15:08 

Отличный советник. Другие ночники сейчас по-сути только и льют и нестабильные, Ethereum работает прилично и аккуратно!

Irina Gulko
Irina Gulko 2018.10.17 14:21 

I am using Ethereum for a 3 month. It's a very good optimized system. At current market all midnight systems have a poor results, but perfomance of Ethereum is a very good!

Of course, 5 stars for a great product and great support! Ivan is a very professional developer!

Evgeny Yurchenko
Evgeny Yurchenko 2018.06.10 13:06 

So good, so far. I am using Ethereum with Rollover presets combined with the EvoNightEA. Looking forward for more profits!

Jeferson Nickma
Jeferson Nickma 2018.06.03 21:26 

Very good backtests with the 99% quality, good first results! Hope system will be so good, as EvoNight!

Дмитрий Кравцов
Дмитрий Кравцов 2018.06.01 18:51 

Looking very good! I hope it will be so good, as another Ivan's products!

johnman 2018.06.01 12:21 

Professional developer = Professinal expert.

vanjouke 2018.05.29 21:39 

Very good and promising backtests. System is looking very customizing - I will try to make own settings at future. I will update my review later after Live tests.

Ivan is a professional developer and trader, so 5 stars.

Version 1.1 2019.01.09
- Bug fixing;
- Reoptimized presets;
- Triple Swap protection;