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This EA allows you to trade automatically the events of your choice (Non farm payroll, PMI ...).

You set the date and the time of a maximum of 5 events, the size of the positions, the Take Profit, the Stop Loss and the Trailing Stop values and then you just have to wait. 10 secs before the event, this Expert Advisor will set a virtual Buy Stop 20 pips over the Ask and a virtual Sell Stop 20 pips under the Bid.

Below, you can find a description of available parameters:

  • Volume size : Volume size of the positions,
  • TakeProfit (Ticks) 0: disable,
  • Stop Loss (Ticks) 0: disable,
  • Distance between price and Stop virtual orders (Ticks) : 10 secs before announcement, the EA create a virtual Buy Stop and a virtual Sell Stop, this parameter corresponds to the distance between the current price and virtual stop orders.
  • Max Spread Coeff (security) : the EA calculate the average of the Spread before the announcement, if at the time of the event, the Spread is over the average value per this parameter coefficient, the operation is canceled,
  • Set Stop Loss at BreakEven (Ticks) : the stop loss is set at Break Even when prices are over this value,
  • Trailing Stop start level (Ticks) : define the start level for the Trailing Stop,
  • Trailing Stop Distance (Ticks) : define the distance between prices and the Trailing Stop,
  • Timeout (in seconds) before closing pending orders (0:disable): if the announcement doesn't generate sufficient volatility within this time value, the operation is canceled.

Hope this can help.

Giovanni Pascoli
Giovanni Pascoli 2014.04.08 18:35 

This is a very good Expert Advisor. Good Support.

Version 1.94 2016.02.29
I add a Stop Loss at Break even and a Spread Coefficient parameter (for security) - if the spread is over the Spread average value per this Spread Coefficient, the operation is canceled.
Version 1.93 2014.06.02
Fixed timer issue (sometimes pending orders were not set).
Version 1.91 2014.04.22
- Allow to program 5 events.
- Add labels to display count down, current time.
Version 1.90 2014.04.10
- Changed Take Profit and Stop Loss management
- Added a parameter to define a timeout before closing pending orders if they have not been executed (0: to disable this timeout)
Version 1.70 2014.02.03
Minor bug fixed.
Version 1.60 2013.11.11
Add a Stop Loss