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Chief UT

The EA CHIEF UT is a fully automated Expert Advisor designed for trading the EURCHF currency pair. The EA considers the market fluctuations on multiple timeframes. It is based on specially designed filters, which make the EA as adapted to volatility and trading dynamics of the EURCHF as possible. The trading system always uses stop loss and take profit. The EA also has a filter to dynamically close an order, considers the order opening place and the following behavior of the order's price to close the deal under optimal conditions.

Signals: https://www.mql5.com/en/users/elenaviktorova/seller#products

For ease of use, all settings are reduced to selection of the trading type: aggressive or conservative. And also setting the money management.

  • Trading time: EA CHIEF UT automatically enables trading at the end of the US trading session and continues trading during the Pacific session. The trading time is automatically adjusted to GMT offset of your broker. It is only necessary to set the GMT value manually for testing in the strategy tester.
  • Timeframe: setting a timeframe on the chart has no influence
  • Currency pair: EURCHF
  • Broker: It is recommended to use a low spread broker and a VPS.

Parameter settings

  • Strategy type (aggressive/conservative) - select the strategy type: Aggressive or Conservative.
  • Max spread, pips (4) - Prohibit opening orders if the spread exceeds the specified value. It is recommended to set it 1.5 - 2 times greater than the average spread. For example: your average spread is 11 pips, so set it to 2.2
  • Terminal GMT Offset, hours (for TESTER mode only) - This parameter is set only for testing the EA in the MetaTrader 4 strategy tester. GMT of your broker can be seen in the Market Watch of the MetaTrader 4 terminal. For example: terminal time is 14.00, while GMT+0 is 12.00, so you have GMT+2, therefore, set 2. Terminal time is 9.00, while GMT+0 is 12.00, so you have GMT-3, therefore, set -3.
  • Risk percent for one order - Percentage of the deposit to risk in every trade. Increasing the deposit increases the lots in trade accordingly. For example: 3% - 3.0
  • Fixed lot size (if Risk % = 0.0) - Fixed lot size for opening orders. For example: you want to trade 1 lot – 1,0; 0,5 lot – 0,5. To use a fixed lot, set the 'Risk percent for one order' parameter to 0,0.
Charles Matticks
2017.03.28 11:28 

Got this yesterday. Have done one trade and so far so good. The author is very helpful and responds with questions promptly.

2017.03.11 09:27   

Testing since 2 weeks. System working without problems but losses are bigger than wins. Give you an update after a a few weeks.

Bin Guan
2017.03.08 10:57 

Three orders have been stop!

Back with a firm offer gap is too big!

Bad EA!Waste of $!

Chris Mechen
2017.03.04 07:15 

I am very happy with this EA. First few days small profit in account. ( i have problem with cent account but im sure it is broker issue not EA)early days but seems good.I have now on ECN with VPS great support from author too she is great.Quick response and very helpful.I cant wait to see what the Night Hunter is going to be like!

Thanks Elena!

Diego Trader
2017.02.19 23:13 

This is my first EA. For me, the main criterion in the selection was the ease of configuration and monitoring expert of profitability with a live account. Now I see only profitable deals in my account. I am very pleased that I bought CHIEF UT! Thanks to developer for a good support! I put 5 stars.

2017.02.14 14:27 

I am very happy with purchase! Highly recommended! Great EA made a big profit in my account. I think it's one of the best EA in the Market) Good support 5 stars:)

Anton Vorotnikov
2017.02.12 18:45 

Super!=) Ставлю пять звезд! Хороший сервис после покупки. На моем счету более 2000$ прибыли. Отличный советик, рекомендую!

Version 1.10 - 2017.03.09
Added the middle strategy type.

Added optimization of filters of entry and exit points for aggressive/conservative strategies.