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Acrobat Booster

ACROBAT BOOSTER is one of the software products of the «INTEGRAL» project, where we have implemented the original scalping algorithm for trading in the currency market.

During the creation of the ACROBAT BOOSTER EA, we set the goal to create the Expert Advisor capable of:

  1. Demonstrating positive results on all available quotes history of the selected currency pairs.
  2. Trading with minimal drawdown.
  3. Always utilizing SL.
  4. Not using grid system, martingale and other dangerous money management methods.
  5. Trading with only one market order.
  6. Trading a single pair, as well as a portfolio - multiple currency pairs.

This goal has been achieved in the ACROBAT BOOSTER EA, which can be evaluated by every one of you!

Today, the ACROBAT BOOSTER EA is used in the «INTEGRAL» project as one of the components of the GRASSHOPPER portfolio: https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/216747

Also, the independent operation of the EA ACROBAT BOOSTER can be evaluated using this signal monitoring: https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/238991

Currently, the ACROBAT BOOSTER EA is used for scalping the following currency pairs: EURCHF, USDCHF, GBPUSD and EURGBP. The ACROBAT BOOSTER EA is also being tested on other currency pairs. Therefore, there are plans to update the ACROBAT BOOSTER EA and expand the portfolio through new pairs for trading.

Parameters for using the ACROBAT BOOSTER EA:

  • Timeframe for trading: M1
  • Currency pairs for trading: EURCHF, USDCHF, GBPUSD and EURGBP
  • Time for trading: end of the American - start of the Pacific session
  • Minimum deposit – $100 and above
  • Account type for trading - ECN only
  • Use VPS to provide 24/7 connection to the trade server of the broker

The ACROBAT BOOSTER EA fully complies with the FIFO requirements

The manual and set files for customizing the ACROBAT BOOSTER EA can be downloaded from the monitoring page: https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/238991

Description of the ACROBAT BOOSTER EA parameters:

The ACROBAT BOOSTER EA can work and be tested by opening prices only. This ensures maximum accuracy during its testing, manual optimization and selection of new currency pairs for scalping.

Parameters for manual adjustment:

  • AutoMM – variable to enable/disable the automatic lot calculation
  • FixedLot – set the size of the fixed lot
  • RiskPercent - calculation of the trade size as a percentage of the available funds
  • SL – Stop Loss value
  • TP – Take profit value
  • MaxSpread – maximum spread filter
  • Magic – identifier of the market order
  • Comments - comment to the market order
  • SummerGMT - your broker's GMT summer time
  • StartHour – the EA operation start hour
  • StartMinute - the EA operation start minute
  • StopHour - the EA operation end hour
  • StopMinute - the EA operation end minute
  • FridayStop – disable trading on Friday evening
  • CloseControl - enable/disable the functions for closing trades based on the algorithm without waiting for Stop Loss
  • StartCloseHour - hour to start closing trades
  • StartCloseMinute - minute to start closing trades
  • EndCloseHour - hour to stop closing trades
  • EndCloseMinute - minute to stop closing trades
  • VolatilitySell - minimum volatility for the sell trades
  • VolaFilter1 - market volatility filter
  • VolaFilter2 - market volatility filter
  • VolatilityBuy - minimum volatility for the buy trades
  • VolaFilter3 - market volatility filter
  • VolaFilter4 - market volatility filter
Mehdirezaei 2018.03.16 09:39 

If you want Lose your money,you can Buy an EA form Mr Igor,like Acrobat Booster and every product he make.

i bought Voyager and acrobat and just lose my money.

also he deleted Voyager signal when voyager Lose money.he will delete every signal when EA lose money.Igor is not trusteble

Siu Cheung Colin Tsui
Siu Cheung Colin Tsui 2017.12.13 05:01 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Sergey Zhuravkov
Sergey Zhuravkov 2017.12.08 19:40 

Возобновляем работу))))

Daniel Cormier
Daniel Cormier 2017.11.09 12:03 

I bought this EA a bit too soon after seeing some of my own early backtesting. However, not only did the live trading not reflect my trades with all the suggested setting including the summer GMT adjustment but further backtesting only seems profitable in certain years of trade. I normally would not like to put a bad review but I feel gutted to have wasted $150 on something that doesn't produce more winnings than losses. There are far more winning trades which come in little amount but the losses are bigger and overcome the winners. Not a good EA in my opinion. Sorry, I don't like giving negative reviews but I would not want others to lose more money as it is. Forex trading is hard enough to win at.

Chaise Taylor
Chaise Taylor 2017.04.23 01:00 

I have used this for two months and so far it is very good. I think the important settings to make sure are right is the GMT Time offset. I have minimal losses and most trades are profitable. One thing I choose to do is run this EA with Profit Loss Break Even tool. I have the TP setting at 120 but I have the tool start trailing stoploss at 30 pips and follow behind by 10 pips. This I feel ensures safety from a reversal trend and gets the largest value out of each trade. It only takes one bad trade to ruin your week. I love this EA for it's ability to choose when to enter the market. It's timing could not be better and it always seems to catch the big trends.

Nikolay Moskalev
Nikolay Moskalev 2017.02.07 17:34   


Пользуюсь неделю. Оценки пока не будет, т.к. рано делать выводы.

Первое впечатление - советник очень чувствителен к брокеру и спреду. Бывают лоси, но грааля к сожелаению никто не обещал.

На одних и тех же сетах у разных брокеров результаты разительно отличаются.

Первые выводы:

- для получения профита используйте рекомендованных брокеров;

- своих брокеров подбирать с минимальным риском методом тыка.

Удачи всем.

Vanderlei Kulzer
Vanderlei Kulzer 2017.01.23 19:50 

I rented the EA for a month and run it at TickMill and ActivTrades. There are many traps sold here, but this one is Ok. Not the best, but good, however it doesn't work well at ActivTrades.

Mohammad Shaban
Mohammad Shaban 2017.01.14 07:14 

no good experience with EA so far, hope author find solution for news problem instead each time he post to stop EA, 1 loss erase 3 days profits! , but this EA looks promising, if author works on news filter to auto-switch off in news that may affect its results, and work to improve profit-loss ratio, it will be masterpiece, for now will rate it 2 stars for now, and will update monthly the results.

Baijun J
Baijun J 2017.01.10 04:55 

My result not as good as author's but still OK.

Update after another two weeks: result quite bad.

Gianluca Bonfanti
Gianluca Bonfanti 2017.01.06 19:38 

just starting the EA so 4 stars for the following:

backtesting looks good

Support from developper

UPDATE 06/01/2017

When a [SL] is hint it burns the profit of 10 days.

will update again in one more month. the recovery factor is not so impressive.

Thomas Werra
Thomas Werra 2017.01.05 10:50 

Overall not the worst EA out there, but the risk-reward ratio is horribly bad. Will try again if there will be some updates for that, if not, i recommend to monitor the trades all the time to close losers asap. If this could be improved it would be a very good bot.

P.MOHAMED RAFIK 2017.01.01 04:37   

I rented one month.. No more profit.. actual risk reward ratio is bad, which is more or less 10:1. So if you lose, you should have almost ten consecutive winning trades to recover your full loss..

vikindi 2016.12.30 10:39 

I bought Acrobat Booster EA. Protect your time. I do not recommend buying it.

Я купил Acrobat Booster EA. Берегите своё время. Я его не рекомендую покупать.


Fernando Arias
Fernando Arias 2016.12.14 09:45 

Very good results on two different ECN Brokers. The trades taken are almost the same on both accounts and match those published in the reference Signal, only very few trades are different in one of the accounts (different datafeed). The seller is very supportive and emphasizes trading with reduced risk.

hafnium6 2016.12.09 01:09 

3 weeks of live trading on ECN broker. 146 trades / 96% HR / Profit Factor of 2.1. Overall account gain of 20%, minimal drawdown. Four recommended pairs plus EURUSD. Excellent EA for now. Impressive!

juakojara 2016.12.08 21:25 

5* Acrobat Booster nice EA working fine.

Jamesdelz 2016.12.08 01:19 

my results doesn't reflect his, his signal seems perfect mine has 3 big loss and 2 small wins total possibly a couple of pips while the loss is over 100 pips; I'll change my review if there's honest improvement that reflects both our trades.

Dmitriy Afanasiev
Dmitriy Afanasiev 2016.12.06 06:55 

Отличная работа. Жду новые сэты для новых пар

Version 9.0 2017.06.19
Added the CloseControl function, which can be used to set the time for force-closing market trades.

Once this function is activated (set to "True"), the EA will start closing market positions at a predefined time, regardless of the current result of the Equity of the trader's trading account.

If the CloseControl function is disabled (switched to "False"), trades will be closed only by the Stop Loss or Take Profit conditions.
Version 8.0 2017.01.26
1. Added the filter that disables trading during weekends.
2. Improved the algorithm of auto calculation of the trading positions size.