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Tick Scalper

Expert Advisor Tick Scalper uses a scalping strategy.

Only one position for a financial instrument can be opened at a time.

The Expert Advisor uses a fixed stop loss and take profit.

A user can set up trading days and hours.

Egor Demyanenko
2013.12.21 07:39   

I'm fully support Marco. The EA really show very good results in tester, but in real trading it don't earn money. This is my test of this advisor https://www.mql5.com/ru/signals/21173.

I tested EA with different parametres. In real trading EA don't like highly volatile pairs. With aggresive parametres EA makes many deals and many of them unprofitable. With optimal parametres EA too late enters the market and very often this deal also unprofitable.

So i can't recomend for someone buy this advisor.

Я полностью поддерживаю Марко.Советник действительно показывают очень хорошие результаты в тестере, но в реальной торговле он не зарабатывать деньги. Это моя проверка этого советника https://www.mql5.com/ru/signals/21173.

Я тестировал советника с различными параметрами. В реальной торговле советнику не нравится высоко-волатильные пары. С агрессивными настройками советник совершает много сделок, и многие из них убыточные. С оптимальными настройками советник поздно входит в рынок и очень часто эта сделка также теряет деньги.

Таким образом, я не могу рекомендовать для кого-то купить этого советника.

Marco Verdile
2013.12.20 15:48 

Hello to all who want to buy this robot.

I have tested this tool a lot times in my MT5 terminal and always returned good results. So I decided to purchase the Tick Scalper thinking that despite being a robot that works with EURUSD only I could make my capital grow.

That's not what happened and I lost all my capital, the link below is a real proof of performance of this junk:


I ended up staying at my broker and should'm here so there are no more misleading sales, as I was mistaken.


Version 2.0 - 2014.02.13
Two new parameters:
- TrailingStep: step of the trailing in pips.
- Factor4: Minimum average volume for last three candles on М1 timeframe (if average volume is below Factor4, then we skip the trade).
Version 1.9 - 2013.11.27
Added possibility to trade on 3-digit instruments, for example, USDJPY.
Version 1.8 - 2013.11.06
Trailing stop added.

New expert parameters:
EnableTrailing : true / false (enable/disable Trailing stop)
TrailingDistance : distance from current price to the new StopLoss value
TrailingStart : minimal distance from trade's open price to set the StopLoss by trailing.
Version 1.7 - 2013.10.18
Optimized the Expert Advisor - now it takes less time to test it in the strategy tester.

Changed default parameters:
- TakeProfit = 9
- StopLoss = 4
- Factor1 = 6
- Factor2 = 9
- Factor3 = 12

The default parameters are intended for 5-digit brokers.
Version 1.6 - 2013.10.10
The Expert Advisor now works with 4-digit brokers.

Parameters from the the internal logic are added to inputs and now available for optimization:
- Factor1 - with this value increased there will be less trades but higher profit factor.
- Factor2 - must be greater than Factor1.
- Factor3 - time factor in seconds.