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Advanced Binary Options Trading Panel

Binary Option Trading Panel is the next generation trading panel that will revolutionize the way binary options are traded in MT4. This advanced trading panel allows you to place binary option trades from a single panel. The user has to just enter the binary option symbol, the investment, select the expiry time and click on the Call or Put button.

As simple as that.

The efficient panel allows the user to view the open trades along with the user's account information. The panel shows the Initial Balance, Balance, Net Profit, No of Orders in Loss, Equity, Free Margin, Number of Orders and Number of Orders in Profit. For the open trades, the user can view the Order Number, Symbol, Expiry, Amount, Payout, Type, Open Time, Count Down, Progress Bar, Opening Price, Current Price, Expiry Time and Profit within the panel. This way the user can avoid the hassle of navigating between different terminals.

If you are looking for a panel from you can perform all your binary options trade operation as well as view you current account status with current open trades then your search ends here. Advance Binary Options Trading Panel is the panel you are looking for and will completely change the way you trade Binary Options in MT4.

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